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Star Wars fan group buy San Francisco billboard space to plead for return of Expanded Universe

April 30th, 2016 by Dave Bowling Comments


In a move that says more about fandom than many of us would like, a Star Wars fan group has rented a billboard in San Francisco to send a message to Lucasfilm.

The poster was organised by a group called Give Us Legends, who got $4,784 through crowdfunding to pay for it. Essentially, the thing is a 5-grand begging letter to restart licensed works in the old Star Wars Expanded Universe, now referred to as Legends ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm and began working on new Star Wars stuff.

This isn’t the first time that fans have tried to take action to get Expanded Universe properties back up and running. Remember this gang of crapwits? But this is definitely an improvement on the Grinch-like actions of the other lot. Who knows, maybe the House of Mouse will realise that there’s cash to be made and start releasing books and comics under a new Legends banner? It’s an idea.

If anyone want me, I’ll be working on my Sith costume for Star Wars Celebration Europe…

Source: IGN

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