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PARANORMAL PONDERINGS: This week we look at the Black Eyed Children phenomenon

March 24th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

All around the world, something is walking the shadows, waiting for an invite into your home. These are not adults but children. Black-Eyed Children (BEC). They come in all ages, have been seen as solitary figures or in twos and threes and they all have dead, black eyes. In this day and age, the first thing you would do is help a child seemingly lost in the street. But what if something sinister is using the form of children for darker purposes? What if an urban myth really has become a reality?

While many have dismissed this as just that, a myth, there are stories coming in of encounters with these entities all the time. Some have reported them as teenagers, some as young as four years of age and many people are living in fear of their return one day.

What generated this article was a story that Marc Savage sent to me about an encounter right here on our doorstep in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Eighteen-year-old Carris Holdsworth was walking home when she met two of them. Both teenagers, they were standing in the yard of her apartment at around 10.45 pm. Carris said she felt an immediate unease and was ready to ‘pepper spray them’. She claims that they knew what she was thinking because they told her there was no need to attack them and that they merely wanted to use her phone. But when she saw their eyes she knew something was wrong. Their eyes were completely black. She managed to get into her flat but the boys came to her door asking for the phone again to call their worried mothers. Carris was terrified as all she could see where those eyes. She called her friend who quickly came. To this day she has nightmares about it and insists they were not human.

Recently a widow in Wyoming bought a new home and there was a question over the ownership of the contents. On New Year’s Day three blond girls, all teenagers, arrived asking about that very subject. The woman’s daughter answered the door and called her mother. All three had black eyes and the woman turned them away. She watched as they walked away along the highway.

Another witness met one in Starbucks. He was just sitting there and his eyes were completely black. The witness said she knew that there was not a human soul inhabiting the teenager and all the time he was there not one table around was occupied by anyone. She believes he was communicating with her telepathically.

A banker working late had an encounter with one in a lift. Thinking the man had an eye disability he asked where the man was going and he replied “Nowhere” and that “it must be nice to have a home”. The strange thing was that when security footage was examined there was no one else in the lift or any of the five floors.

These stories seemed to originate around 1988 but there are reports of them all through history. Journalist Brian Bethel said he stopped to give two kids a lift when he noticed their eyes and immediately backed off. He says that he felt like he was being compelled to open the door for them. This behaviour is almost vampirish in nature. They need to be invited in but the question is why?

They use the excuse that they need to contact their mothers and all the witnesses claim that they felt almost compelled to either help them or allow them in. These things, whether they are real or not, use the base human emotions to manipulate their potential victims. David Weatherly has written a book on the subject called The Black Eyed Children and he says that while it is possible that contacts are being used and all this is a prank, the emotions felt by the victims are not in question.

These contacts stay with them for the rest of their lives and they all say it is more than just the black eyes. It is their body language, their stare, the impression that a child’s body is literally a vehicle for something inhuman. Theories include alien/human hybrids, demons or the ghosts of lost souls but when did a ghost ever ask to use a phone? But then again, they wait for you to open the door of your house or your car. It seems they cannot do it themselves. Their skins reportedly have a plastic like look to it. Their voices are hypnotic and emotionless while their garb varies between jeans and hoodies to almost old-fashioned in nature.

While we see these sorts of back eye creatures on shows such as Supernatural, is it too far a leap to believe that these beings do exist? In a world where Bigfoot and UFOs are accepted by thousands, so too now are the BEC. And later this year a new horror movie will be released detailing the phenomenon. So next time you think there’s something waiting for you in the dark, look twice. If it is a child staring at you with black eyes, lock your door and don’t look back.


I'm an LA journalist who really lives for his profession. I have also published work as Jane Doe in various mags and newspapers across the globe. I normally write articles that can cause trouble but now I write for FTN because Nerds are never angry, so I feel safe.