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WATCH: Did camera-man capture a UFO battle in space?

January 5th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher 1 Comment

Ever look up at the sky and wonder? Yes that’s a tag line for my Time Warriors series but it also applies to Elijah Prychodzko from Sacramento.

On 20th December at around 5 pm he was looking through his telescope and saw something quite extraordinary; and then got the shock of his life when it exploded.

He recorded it on his phone (video below) through the telescope to prove he wasn’t imagining it. He messaged Good Day Sacramento’s presenter Cody Stark with the intriguing video. It was enlarged due to the equipment it was taken on and it was promptly ran as a story.

The video shows something orbiting what looks like a planet and when he recorded it a second time on his smart phone the planet had blown up. When expert Stephen Maran saw the video, he stated it was not an astronomical event. Really? Looks astronomical to me.

It also looks like the rebels blowing up the Death Star… perhaps if the camera panned down we’d see hoards of little fury creatures dancing a jig. Or maybe that’s just us…

Elijah had been trying to sell his telescope on Craigslist and offers were coming in. But now his discovery has been exposed on national television and is something absolutely unexplained, he’s quite happy now he didn’t sell.

Personally it looks like a temporal displacement implosion, but who am I? Like the rest of the world I can only look up. And wonder.

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