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Mantic News

November 23rd, 2013 by Mad Dave Comments

Just over a month away!
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Can you believe how close Christmas is? Where did the rest of this year go, eh? (To be fair, we’ve all been a bit busy.) Hold up, though! Before you close this email and sprint to the shops to panic-buy turkeys and fairy lights, you’ll want to read on, because we’ve got some awesome news for you.

For starters, we’ve just added a handy Christmas Section to the Mantic website. Not sure what to get your gaming buddies for your club’s Secret Santa? Want to give your loving relatives an easy job? This is the place you’re looking for! We’ve taken some of our most popular products and divided them into three categories: Stocking FillersTreats and Special Presents. We’ll be adding even more big bundle deals to the Special Presents section early next week, so make sure you keep it bookmarked!

The Christmas Crazy Box makes a welcome return – you can find it under Treats! (Or you can click on the picture above.) is live!
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As promised in last week’s newsletter, the new Mantic Website is now fully live! It’s been online in an open beta version since October, and thanks to feedback from Mantic fans across the world we’ve caught any bugs and got everything ship-shape. If you’ve not been to the new site, why not head there now? It’s a marked improvement on the old site – quicker, slicker, and much prettier!

As the site is now fully live, we’ve properly activated the Mantic Points section, so you can get your hands on a bunch of old favourites as well as several new additions!

Deadzone mercenaries, you say? But of course!

We really want you to head to the site and give it a go. In fact, we’re so keen, we’re doing something special! Everyone who makes an order between 17:30 GMT on Friday 22nd November and 23:59 GMT on Sunday 24th November will receive a FREE digital edition of theDeadzone Rulebook including the Enforcer and Plague faction decks. What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking! 

The Plague Teraton, just one of the many grisly
beasties that make up the Plague faction deck.
Mantic is closing…
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…for about a week, to ship Deadzone!

At some point in the coming week, we’re going to shut up shop and all head to the new Mantic Warehouse to help get the thousands of Deadzone orders shipped out to Kickstarters backers, then retailers and people who have pre-ordered through the website. That means that the Mantic offices will be temporarily CLOSED, so we won’t be answering emails or picking up phone calls. We’ll let you know via our Facebook page when we close – so stay tuned!

Take a look-a at LOKA
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Over at the Mantic Blog this week, we opened up a copy of LOKA – A game of elemental strategy and talked us through the contents, including what to do if any of your components have bent in transit. It’s well worth checking out whether you’ve ordered a copy or you’re still on the fence!

Also, don’t forget to check out River Horse’s new foray into the world of elemental fantasy – The Tarot of LOKA is live on Kickstarter, and you can pick up a copy of the full game for only £18!

Ultimate Upgrades
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Earlier this week, we added a newDreadBall section to the pre-order area of the Mantic store, full of accessories for DreadBall Ultimate! Whether you want to pick up a spare deck of Ultimate cards, upgrade your counters to shiny acrylic ones or even go for a full-blown Co-Prosperity Bowl MegaStadium (the only way to reallyplay in style!), it’s all available to pre-order, ready to ship in December.
Beasts of War does
Kings of War!
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Those delightful chaps over at Beasts of War recently did a whole week of videos and articles on Kings of War, and we’ve been recapping the highlights all week over at the Mantic Facebook page. If you’ve missed out, you can see the whole lot by following this link!

Big Bug Spotted!
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The Kickstarter campaign for Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game has been over for nearly a fortnight now, but that doesn’t mean there’s no new news! This was spotted in the most recent project update over at the Kickstarter page
Have you read Ironwatch issue 15?
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Mantic’s fan-produced magazine (which has been going for over a year now!) got a spotlight over at the blog last week – go and check it out if you haven’t already!

Issue 15 is now available for download, and contains all the usual awesome content! This issue features Rogue Agents – a brand new Warpath RPG, Breach Part 5 and the Zombie Endless Swarm – and article on how best to make the most of your Undead host…

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