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April 23rd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Hello to all of you out there in FTN land! David here with another weekly round-up of table top news and previews.

The big news this week was the leak of new High Elf miniatures from the next issue of Games Workshop’s monthly magazine. The pictures include impressive new flying units including the Eagle Chariot and new Flamespyre Phoenix models.

There’s some great looking infantry models too with a new model for Alarielle the Everqueen and her Maiden Guard, a regiment of a hundred Elf-maids who have been schooled in the arts of war to such an extent that they equal, or even exceed, that of the greatest Elven knights in the use of spear or bow.

Sticking with the subject of miniatures, Knight Models has just released some new additions to its 35mm Batman Arkham City range. Shown below are the Riddler and Robin but be sure to check out their online store because the whole range is pretty fantastic.

May will see the release of Gearworld: The Borderlands. An epic post-apocalyptic board game set in a steampunk universe. A preview this week revealed background story as well as some core mechanics.

In Gearworld you take control of one of four tribes that were left behind on the surface of the world when apocalypse scale pollution made life on the ground intolerable for the majority of the world’s inhabitants who ascended to the heavens on giant floating cities and are now referred to as the Sky People. Centuries have passed and as the reactors that power the sky cities begin to sputter and die for want of fuel the Sky People have envisioned a grand undertaking for the tribals below; the construction of three Skyworks, towers that can harness geothermal energy to recharge the sky cities and keep them aloft. The race is on to be the first among the four tribes to complete three of these mighty towers and win the favour of the Sky People which will bring untold prosperity to those who earn it.

Players will need to harness different materials including Coal, Gold, Iron and Scrap if they’re to succeed in constructing these monumental minarets but gaining the resources is only half the battle. Areas of land you control will periodically produce resources Settlers of Catan style but those resources have to be transported to a common building site before construction can begin and resources that stay still will clog up production lines leaving that mine or salvage site unable to produce anything next turn. So will you take the slow and steady approach moving resources one tile at a time? Will you invest some resources in transport technology, delaying tower construction but rapidly increasing subsequent travel times? Or will you trade resources with other tribes, negating transport all together but handing precious resources to rivals for the same limited goal?

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