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THE FTN BLOG (07/04/13)

April 7th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Bloody hell, two Doctor Who episodes over us already? Doesn’t time fly when you’re a Nerd?

The last week has been fuelled by Doctor Who and the announcement that Disney has shut down LucasArts. Looks like they have a brand new universe in mind. Will the mouse become the new Emperor? Can he deliver a legacy as layered and as intricate as George did? Do Star Wars fans need to be concerned as their collective nuts are kicked (mine included)? I’m still not sure yet because, as they say, a shark always smiles before biting you in half. Please, don’t let Yoda start shouting, “Oh Toodles!!” when summoning the Force. That would be a step too far.

But Doctor Who is the main course this week as we learned the tenth Doctor is back as is Rose and saw pictures of David Tennant and Matt Smith together with a script in their hands. Google nearly went into meltdown as people tried to see what was written on the front and after hours of zooming and cutting and pasting we discovered… it had their names on it. Damn you Moffat!

And that began a plethora of pictures over the week which had fans collectively drooling over their computer screens and tablets (I actually heard a couple swallowed their iPhones) as we were given an early birthday surprise. The Zygons are back. Yes those horrible shape shifters with a pet Loch Ness Monster were pictured on location along with the tenth Doctor in a tent, a horse, a motor bike being chased by a helicopter and people in big dresses. And I have to say as someone who has been campaigning for the Zygons return. They look absolutely Fantastic! Speaking of fantastic, Christopher Eccleston has confirmed that he will not be in the anniversary special as released in a BBC statement. Damn you Eccleston! And apparently neither is Sylvester McCoy! Damn you…whoever can’t figure out how to bring them all together! Phone me, I’ll tell you how to do it. It’s the anniversary, 50 bloody years and we can’t figure a way out to bring the remaining Doctors together? Jesus, pay them whatever they want but get them together. I’ve a sore head now.

In other places, yes there are other places sometimes, Primeval has been axed but went out with a superb season ending that finally made use of the time anomalies. Why the hell didn’t they do this sort of story from the start? Walking Dead finished and I can’t really comment because I haven’t seen it but bye bye Andrea, a character I liked and never understood the fan backlash. Vampire Diaries, yes I’m not giving up until you’re all watching it, was as stunning as ever as Elena began her descent into darkness as a fully fledged vampire. In the Flesh proved to be a stunning piece of drama that actually brought the subjects of what makes a person and homosexuality into the zombie mix. Superb. Here’s hoping they come back soon. Fans of Misfits got the sad news that the next series will be the last. I could cry. I honestly could.

In movie land, Star Trek Into Darkness fever is building with seemingly every magazine featuring it and trying to solve the mystery of John Harrison plus the Enterprise crashing into the city! How cool does that look?

Remake fever is also building with the imminent release of Evil Dead and Carrie but in the meantime check out Dark Skies. The Fourth Kind it is not. We also got our first look at Beast in X-Men Days of Future Past. And Finding Nemo got a sequel. NO! It’s perfect as it is. Will this be the animated version of Taken 2? And Iron Man got a look in when the first full clip was released.

In sadder news, writer Iain Banks announced he had only months to live being diagnosed with cancer. And acclaimed film critic Roger Ebert passed away. These are stark reminders of how fragile life can be so take my advice of me, Doctor Quinn, the first Time Warrior, live life kids, enjoy it, embrace it and even when you don’t have two shillings to rub together, you will always have people around that love you

Allons y!!!

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