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Cartoon Network says goodbye to Young Justice, Green Lantern and Clone Wars

January 29th, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments

Shake-ups abound at Cartoon Network. Today in an official press release cartoon Network offered their new line up, and what is interesting is not so much what is there, but what is absent. In a move that has lots of fans already seeing red, Cartoon Network has decided not to build upon the DC Nation cartoon block, but to switch it up outright. Giancarlo Volpe, show runner for Green Lantern The Animated Series has officially announced the death of the show via twitter saying “This time we knew. They just didn’t want us to publicly announce it yet.” Reps for Young Justice have been quiet, but it’s almost a sure thing Young Justice will go the way of the dinosaur as well. The shows will be replaced by a new version of the Teen Titans cartoon from a few years back called Teen Titans Go! And Beware The Batman. The cancellation of these shows surprised me as they both had just aired their strongest episodes to date this past weekend.

Also absent from their new line up is the Clone Wars. We had a feeling this might happen once Disney purchased Lucasfilm, possibly deciding to air the show on one of the Disney networks, most likely Disney XD. Pulling the plug on the Clone Wars would be a huge mistake as it’s one of the strongest cartoons on TV. No official word from Disney on the Clone Wars moving to their channels as of yet. According to website Star Wars Underworld, Cartoon Network is still planning to air The Yoda Chronicles, a Lego Star Wars special series, but mainly because it was developed jointly with Cartoon Network and they still retain the rights to air it.

Well Cartoon Network, it looks like you may have shot yourself in the foot with this one. If you are like me then the only time you even watch Cartoon Network is on Saturdays, or for me, DVR on Sundays. I can already tell you I have no interest in a kiddy version of the Teen Titans, as I didn’t when it originally aired. Unless Beware The Batman blows me away I have no more use for Cartoon Network.

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