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CBS rebooting Zorro and The Equalizer… with ladies in the leads

November 14th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

CBS television is hitting the ground running with not one but two rebooted shows currently in the works, but both come with an interesting twist.

New Legend of Zorro and The Equalizer shows are both currently in the works, but this time we’re going to be seeing female leads.

A female lead isn’t the only change being made to the Legend of Zorro with a noticeable change in scenery too, instead of a set western, this rendition will be done in a more modern day setting with an actress yet to be cast playing Z, a descendant of the legendary Zorro as she protects the less fortunate in the community.

Personally, I’m picturing the last few episodes of Iron Fist when it looked like it was switching to a female lead, I also think that would be a good casting choice as we already know she knows how to handle a blade.

As for The Equalizer, from what we can tell, the story won’t be changed from the original, also done by CBS through 1985-89. Queen Latifah has been cast in the main role that’s previously been done by Edward Woodward in the early series and more recently in two films featuring Denzel Washington.

These are interesting times with CBS taking the leap doing something bold and different and I can only hope it pays off for them. Stay tuned for more news and stay nerdy folks.

Source: Darkhorizons and Superherohype

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