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Christmas Vacation star Johnny Galecki behind the Griswolds spin-off series at HBO

January 3rd, 2020 by Geralt of Australia Comments

After many years, the Griswolds are finally getting to go on another proper vacation.

After five films and a TV movie, it’s about time that the family finally got another vacation as The Griswolds will be making the move to HBO Max, the new streaming service that will drop some time next year and they’re hoping that the spin-off will be one of their premier shows.

The move to the small screen is actually thanks to Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki who also just happened to play Rusty Griswold in the third film (above), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Johnny is already set to bet he executive producer of the project.

Joining Galecki will also be Tim Hobert (Community and The Middle) who will also be executive producing as well as penning the script and newcomer Cory Wood producing.

So far nothing is known for casting or if any of the original cast will be reprising their roles or if it will be a new cast all together, Johnny included. That being said, we do know that it will show the modern day exploits of the family living in Chicago, so even if Chevy isn’t involved then they could still go the way of having Rusty Griswold all grown up and having his own family and doing all the things that he did with his father… which was actually the idea behind the 2015 Ed Helms movie.

National Lampoons were always something to watch in the holidays and I’m hoping that the spin-off can live up to the originals, keep tuned for more news and stay nerdy folks.

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