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Fan-Made CGI Doctor Who Trailer Wows Fans

May 27th, 2014 by Saxon 2 Comments

When the first teaser trailer for the new series of Doctor Who dropped last week fans were left disappointed, as during it’s 15 second running time, the 12th Doctor was only glimpsed for a few brief moments.  

Fortunately its Youtube to the rescue as talented Whovian John Smith has created a new CGI trailer!  The video features the new Doctor landing on a rain-soaked planet, before stepping out into the downpour and beckoning his assistant Clara to join him.  Its impressive stuff to say the least, especially as the entire video was created by one guy.  Sure the effects are somewhat ropey in places, but its thrilling to see the Tardis doors opening to reveal Capaldi’s Doctor – considering its ultimately a pile of pixels.

Check out the trailer – titled “Rain” – below and let us know what you think!

Doctor Who returns to BBC 1 this August.

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  1. TheDoctorwhonut123 says:

    I noticed that he got the boots wrong didn’t he they are not the panted leather Dr Martin Brogues of the costume but they are normal leather Dr martins

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