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FIRST LOOK: A Justice League hero is set to appear in DC’s Powerless series

March 6th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

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With DC ruling the roost on the small screen thanks to the success of shows like Arrow and The Flash, they’re hoping their new series Powerless will be another knockout, this time for NBC.

The show follows normal citizens who live in a world of superheroes, with lead Emily Locke being played by Vanessa Hudgens.

Bleeding Cool are reporting that they have read the script for the pilot episode, with a certain DC hero set to make an appearance. Spoiler alert ahead!

Hudgens plays an insurance claims adjuster, who despite her lack of superpowers, loves to help people. In the pilot there are a lot of nods to DC heroes, as well as an appearance by Justice League member Crimson Fox.

In the episode a fight has broken out, in which Crimson Fox is holding a train over her head. Locke is one of the passengers aboard, just wanting the train to be set down so they can get to work on time.

In the comics Crimson Fox was introduced in 1989, with identical twins Vivian and Constance D’Aramis splitting the role. They ran Parisian perfume company Revson, and share the ability to release pheromones that get men a little hot under the collar. On top of that they have super speed and agility.

Other little touches that Bleeding Cool have revealed include the name of the company that Locke works for: RetCon Insurance. That’s a nice wee in joke for comic fans. It is also reported that the series is set in a town called Charm City. Also referenced in the episode are Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

More recent Powerless news included the addition of Alan Tudyk and Danny Pudi to the cast, which gets us very excited for what is to come. (continues after pic)

Crimson Fox

Here’s our first look at Crimson Fox on set… seriously, it’s so awesome that DC is totally embracing their more obscure characters for the small screen.

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