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Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers? You have been warned…

October 19th, 2015 by Jonathan Snelling Comments

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It seems the more information we get about Game of Thrones season 6 the more we beg for it to arrive. Another recent report from the set of Game of Thrones in Almeria, Spain sheds some light on what to expect in the season.

There are reports of a large open area, a large amount of Dothraki horsemen and a large temple hut, in what many believe to be Vaes Dothrak, being burned to the ground. Photos have also been released showing the aftermath of the burned temple.


Vaes Dothrak first appeared in season 1 and was where Daenerys was ‘saved’ by Jorah Mormont from drinking the poisoned wine. It seems that the location in the video is Vaes Dothrak, slightly changed of course, and the temple in question is likely an important one too.  Now last we saw of Daenerys, she was in an area of the Dothraki Sea and was being surrounded by Dothraki horsemen. It is likely that this video is from the events that follow. Daenerys is unlikely to be remembered by the Dothraki and even if she is it’s unlikely they will listen to her or care much. This could lead to terrible things happening to her, but it remains unclear.

However let us not forget a fire breathing dragon capable of destroying an important temple is also in the Dothraki sea. Dorgon saved Daenerys once during the fight in the coliseum in Mareen and when he wakes and his mother isn’t there the angry dragon is likely to do it again. The Dothraki also won’t be happy with the destruction of a temple, particularly if it is Vaes Dothrak. It’s unclear what the aftermath of all this may be or mean for Daenerys. We are highly likely to see the Dothraki facing up against Drogon though.

Watchers on the wall posted six details that they discovered from the shoot. They are as follows:

“1. Jorah and Daario will be spying on the camp seen in the tweet, trying to figure out how they can rescue Daenerys.

2. Some type of large celebration was filmed.

3. Khalasars (Dothraki tribes) are differentiated by colours – for example, Khal Drogo in season one wore blue paint. Other Khalasars will wear red, yellow, etc.

4. There was a meeting of Khals (the leaders of the Khalasars).

5. There’s a scene with over 400 extras, with a battle/brawl of some sort breaking out.

6. Filming over the next few days will also involve large numbers of slaves.”

These details do conform with what we know so far from the video and photos. The meeting of the Khals is an interesting one though. After realising who Deanerys actually is the Dothraki may join her. Dothraki are the type of people who follow the strongest and nothing is stronger than a fire breathing dragon so as Daenerys has three she is almost certainly a key choice to follow. This could very eailsy be a mirror of the scene from Hardhome, where the elder Wildlings met with Jon Snow to determine their future. This meeting could be that.

It could also be a meeting in what to do with Daenerys, and some who are pro-drogo could back her while others don’t. It will be interesting to understand and see the politics of the Dothraki.

If it a meeting to join with Daenerys then she would have an army of not only ten thousand of elite unsullied but also tens of thousands of Dothraki horsemen, that’s something that would make even the strongest Westerosi lord quiver in fear.

Of course this is all speculation but the pieces are starting to fall into place for Deanerys and her dragons to make their way to Westeros.

There is also some more surprising news from Almeria, Spain. It seems Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) and Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandrei), have been spotted there. They were last seen in Mareen which isnt filmed in Almeria. This could mean one of three things.

Firstly for simple easiness some scenes of Mareen may be shot in Almeria.

Secondly it could be that they are visiting cast friends, although this is unlikely.

The third idea could be that they turn up here at some point in the season. This could be to save Daenerys or to help her get the Dothraki to Westeros. Either way it will be interesting to see what happens. The meeting of the Khals could include these characters, Missendrei translating for Tyrion for example. If anyone can sweet talk the Dothraki, Tyrion is the best person for the job.

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