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Gotham: First Screening Reactions

June 16th, 2014 by Andrew McCarroll Comments

To quote Life of Brian “you lucky, lucky b#@tards” critics in New York and Los Angeles were treated to a screening of the pilot of the upcoming Batman origins TV show, Gotham. Early word from the screening has been almost totally positive with Collider’s Christina Radish Tweeting, “Rest assured, Gotham is everything that you want Gotham to be”

Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin in particular being singled out for praise with MTV calling his performance “superb and transfixing” adding that Gotham “isn’t a superhero show. If anything, it’s closer to a police procedural with some comic book trappings”.

The show promises to explore the origins of characters like Gordon, Penguin, Riddler and worryingly The Joker. It will be interesting to see how much of both comic book and movie cannon the show will touch on, especially considering Batman V Superman is currently in production.

Gotham is scheduled to be aired this Fall, but the air date has yet to be confirmed.

Andrew McCarroll never quite built on the dizzying career heights that he hit at 6 years old, when as a member of the “Ghostbusters” he would charge his neighbours to remove any unwanted spectres. Now retired from slaying spooks, he spends his time obsessing over superheroes (especially Batman) and devouring shows like Dexter, Game of Thrones and Archer in a manner that would make Galactus proud. You can follow his rants on twitter @andymc1983