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SPOILERS: It looks like one of the Expanded Universe’s biggest characters is coming to Star Wars: Rebels

January 30th, 2016 by Christopher Williams Comments

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It seems that the Expanded Universe characters may not stay relegated to the land of non canon after all. At least this may be the case for this big time baddie. 

A report from Making Star Wars is stating rumors abound that none other than Grand Admiral Thrawn himself may be making an appearance on the third season of the Disney cartoon. While this is still just a rumor, that’s MSW’s story and they are sticking to it stating that this rumor has “serious legs”.

Instead of targeting the New Republic however he will be menacing the crew of the Ghost and the beginnings of the Rebel Alliance. No word yet on how the story line would play out, but I’d imagine this would depict Thrawn’s rise to fame as the brilliant tactician that he was known to be in the Expanded Universe. The report also states Ezra will sport a shorter haircut and a new lightsaber more akin to Obi-Wan’s and Luke’s second saber.

Although still just a rumor, if true this could go a long way to bring a lot of lost EU fans back into the fold.


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