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Justice League Dark, Stargirl and Green Lantern, is the Arrowverse set for a major expansion?

December 15th, 2019 by Marc Comments

So… it looks like the biggest comic book universe on screen, the Arrowverse, (come at me MCU fans) may be set to expand even more.

There’s big spoilers for Crisis on Infinite Earths Parts 1-3 in here guys, so scroll to the SPOILERS END notification if you’ve not watched it yet.

Ready? Cool…


Ok, so Crisis has wrapped until after the New Year and it ended on a massive cliffhanger, but it’s the massive universe linking that is really worth mentioning.

We heard last week that the upcoming HBO Max Green Lantern series, producer by Arrowverse  creator Marc Guggenheim, was very possibly going to be a part of the Arrowverse, albeit on a different channel than The CW where the Arrowverse lives.

We would have, at one time, thought this was impossible but over the last few days a lot has changed.

In Crisis we saw the interconnecting of many DC universes – the Batman’89 world, Birds of Prey, the 90s Flash, Reeves/Routh’s Superman movies, Titans (and by default Doom Patrol), Smallville, Lucifer, Batman 1966, and lord knows what to make of Kevin Conroy’s epic addition – meaning The CW has done the almost impossible and brought DC shows dating back over 60 years together into one massive, bizarre and awesome universe.

Oh, and remember this scene from Smallville episode 6 where we get a glimpse of Lex Luthor’s future as the President (now confirmed in the Crisis event that he is indeed in that position) where the world ends under a red sky? Could this be awesome foreshadowing?

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And these cameos weren’t just fan service, they were an ingenius way of bringing fans’ dreams of an multiverse to a fully-realised reality. Not to mention that The CW rescued Constantine (first appearing in Arrow and now in Legends of Tomorrow) and also saved Supergirl from cancellation, so they are more than happy to bring everyone home. Don’t forget too that Krypton’s stars had been approached to appear in Crisis but were unable to due to other commitments… so you can basically call that connected too.

Add to this the recent revelation that Stargirl – the series made by DC Universe – will also air, you guessed it, on The CW with the character herself expected to debut on Crisis when it wraps in January. Oh, and don’t forget the Green Arrow and the Canaries show coming next year too.

So, where does that leave HBO Max’s planned Green Lantern?

Well, we know it won’t interfere with Warners’ plan to bring Lantern to the big screen again but will rather exist on its own but we’ve been thinking… if it does happen, could we see David Ramsey as John Diggle step over to HBO Max and become the small screen’s first live-action Green Lantern? Honestly, with HBO’s budget and Diggle in the role, I think this would be a great way to expand the universe even more.

And let’s not forget that, while it was a failure, Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern had Arrowverse’s boss Marc Guggenheim as the force behind it too, so it’s not impossible the new series will draw that movie into its lore. I’m just thinking outside the box here.

On top of this, we’re hearing that future DC Universe/HBO Max shows will also – at least in spirit – connect to the Arrowverse with Strange Tales, Bizarro TV and Superhero High all planned and there’s serious rumours popping up of Booster Gold appearing in the Strange Tales series which, by the way, would be pretty awesome.

And with all that out of the way, a new report is claiming that a Justice League Dark series is in the works at HBO Max and, get ready for this, as well as featuring the likes of Zatanna and Deadman it will likely see Matt Ryan’s Constantine appearing alongside Derek Mears’ Swamp Thing – that’s Swamp Thing as he appeared in the prematurely cancelled DC Universe series which was originally set to led to, yes, Justice League Dark.

This would mean that without question this is all one universe but it would also mean that the cancelled Constantine and Swamp Thing series could finally get the closure they more than deserved.

Take all this and The CW Seed animated universe which is set to expand with the Deathstroke series next year and there’s no denying that, love it or hate it, The CW has created something that just a few years ago would have been unimaginable.

So, what say you all? Am I the only one who, despite admitting The CW shows have their faults, is very excited for all this? I mean, just sit back and think how damned adventurous this is… don’t get me wrong, I love the MCU as much as the next guy, but this? This is a whole new level already, just think where it could be a year from now.

Let me know your thoughts…

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