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Krypton cancelled along with hopes of Lobo spin-off

August 17th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Breaking news as Syfy have decided to end Krypton after just two seasons just days after the release of their final episode.

For a show that copped a lot of negativity at the start of its release, Krypton started to come into its own as the weeks went on following the story of Superman’s grandfather Seg El and his struggles on Krypton against the likes of Braniac and Doomsday.

Unfortunately, Krypton also faced some other struggles this year with ratings being a big part of why they were cut, dropping from an average of 1.8 million viewers per episode all the way down to a shockingly low 408,000.

Not only does this mean that we get no more Krypton, but it also means the Lobo spin-off won’t be happening either with the plug being pulled on it too.

However, this being said they are currently shopping around to see if anyone wants the Lobo series and word is that Krypton could be moved to DC Universe or possibly HBO Max.

I guess one thing is for sure, it’s really hard to keep a Kryptonian down.


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