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Magnum PI is getting a sequel series…

October 24th, 2016 by George White Comments
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Sigh… sensing that there are no original ideas, ABC and Universal TV with the aid of Eva Longoria of all people are reviving Magnum PI. With the titular character’s daughter in the lead, Lily Magnum, now to be unoriginally nicknamed Tommy after her father.

Longoria will be producing, not starring, but we expect the character to have her spicy personality and be a soulless attempt to recreate the old Donald A. Bellisario magic.

If they want a female butler as Higgins, I suggest Angela Lansbury, but since Jessica Fletcher exists as a real person in the Magnumverse, they’d better get her in as her other Murder, She Wrote character, Jessica’s Liverpool Irish music hall “queen of clubland” cousin, Emma Gilmore; not that they would, as John Hillerman played both Higgins and another unrelated character in MSW (but knowing Higgins’ family history, he could have been another identical half-brother)…

No word if Tom Selleck will return for a cameo, but we can always hope.
We have no more…
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