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Misfits is getting an American overhaul…

April 12th, 2016 by Jonathan Snelling Comments

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It seems like we have not seen the last of Misfits on TV.

The TV series, which first aired back in 2009, is to return to our screens again with an Americanised version. I can’t yet tell you if this is good news. I rather liked the British version and don’t know how it would translate in an American show.

The Show has now entered development for the Freeform channel, a channel until recently known as ABC Family.

As we all know, and to those who don’t, it’s worth a watch, Misfits focuses on a group of delinquent teenagers who take part in community service. After a supernatural storm hits them everyone affected by the storm gains superpowers, wait isn’t that the plot to The Flash?

We follow this group as they survive in the forever changing world of super powered people while also doing their much needed community service.

The remake, helmed by writer and producer Josh Schwartz, has been in the works for a long while, with ideas originally appearing as far back as 2011. There is no mention of Howard Overman, the original creator of Misfits, having a part in the new series. That’s not the news we wanted to hear really.

Source: io9

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