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Moffat Now Believes We Should Have a Doctor Who/Sherlock Crossover?

April 1st, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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How’s this for a change of heart?

Steven Moffat, who is the showrunner for both Doctor Who and Sherlock, has previously said that it wouldn’t be possible to do a crossover for the two series. Primarily because he didn’t think it could work to the fans expectations. However…he may be reconsidering that…

“if people want to, we should give it to them” he said in an interview, he did note the following however, “I got persuaded by Mark [Gatiss], Benedict [Cumberbatch], [executive producer Sue Vertue] and Martin [Freeman] saying, ‘Look, it will never be as good as they think it’s going to be’”.

Moffat did note though he would be willing to “bang it out” to at least try to make it work. In the end, isn’t that all we can ask for?

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