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POSSIBLE SPOILERS: Could Euron Greyjoy’s gift for Cersei Lannister change everything on Game of Thrones?

July 19th, 2017 by Marc Comments

While we pretty much loved Game of Thrones’ return on Monday, one scene in particular has us pretty damned excited.

Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk) arrived at the throne to make Cersei Lannister an offer she couldn’t refuse. Not only does he control a fleet of ships that Cersei really needs if she’s to have a chance to win the war (as well as two hands) but he promised her that, if she marries him (he REALLY wants to be a king) he’ll deliver her a gift that will be invaluable to her. And then he leaves.

Trust me, the scene was simply brilliant and Euron is definitely going to be a fun villain.

Anyway, we’ve been trying to work out what that gift might be. I thought it might be Tyrion Lannister. Others think it my be Arya Stark. But what if it’s something so far unheard of in the show?

A new theory online has us pretty excited and could be a real game changer for the show.

In the books there’s an item called Dragonbinder, a horn from Old Valyria that, according to the myths and legends, can control dragons.

Wait, what?!

While the item is around in the books since A Feast For Crows and it hasn’t been mentioned in the show so far – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, does it?

The horn itself is six-foot long with glyphs carved into it that glow when it is blown:

“That horn you heard I found amongst the smoking ruins that were Valyria, where no man has dared to walk but me. You heard its call, and felt its power. It is a dragon horn, bound with bands of red gold and Valyrian steel graven with enchantments. The dragonlords of old sounded such horns, before the Doom devoured them. With this horn, ironmen, I can bind dragons to my will.”
– Euron at the Kingsmoot, A Feast for Crows, Chapter 19, The Drowned Man.

We know that Euron was self-exiled in the series so it’s not impossible that he has come across this and can bring this to Cersei, is it?

However, there is one complication on the horn is written: “I am Dragonbinder. No mortal man should sound me and live. Blood for fire, fire for blood”.

So it means death to any mortal men – but the show has its fair share of not-mortal men: Jon Snow, The Mountain, The Night King, Beric Dondarrion and who knows who else, so there are bound to be a few that can blow it without fear, right?

It would certainly even the odds as Daenerys is currently favourite to win the war with her dragons and massive army behind her, so perhaps Cersei having control of one of the dragons would certainly level the playing field a bit. It would definitely make it an entertaining watch.

It’s all speculation but it’s certainly a fun theory… could the horn be out there? If so, who could use it? And, if used, what would the outcome be?

whatever it is, we cannot wait to see…


What say you all? Do you have a better theory? Let us know what you all think…

Source: Gamesradar

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