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Several Game of Thrones spin-offs coming as George RR Martin seems to do anything other than finish the books

April 18th, 2021 by Marc Comments

Ok, so it seems that the world of Game of Thrones, on TV at least, is set for even more expansion.

We already know that the House of the Dragon spinoff is in the works (here) as well as an animated series and the anticipated Tales of Dunk and Egg series, but that is far from the end of the world of Westeros and beyond’s development.

Three other series are in development at HBO, the first of which will be produced by Rome’s Bruno Heller and it tentatively titled Nine Voyages and will focus on Lord Corlys Velaryon, also known as The Sea Snake and the Lord of the Tides. It’s also being reported that Steve Toussaint is playing Velaryon in House of Dragons and will play him in the new series too.

The second show will focus on Princess Nymeria, “a warrior queen who founded the kingdom of Dorne” and “a revered ancestor of House Martell”.

The third series will be set in the home of Davos Seaworth and Gendry Baratheon, Flea Bottom.

On top of this, it seems that Thrones creator George RR Martin has signed a massive deal with HBO Max for other programming content, starting with Who Fears Death which will be a series based on Nnedi Okorafor’s 2011 post-apocalyptic novel and Roadmarks, based on Roger Zelazny’s 1979 fantasy novel – Martin will executive produce both.

Aaaand it has been revealed that Martin is also developing a stage show based on his Game of Thrones saga.

The play will not just be an adaptation of the story but will tell the story of a piece of the lore so far unrevealed.

“The play is from producers Simon Painter and Tim Lawson (The Illusionists), in partnership with Kilburn Live, and will have a story by Martin, who is working alongside award-winning playwright Duncan MacMillan (1984) and acclaimed director Dominic Cooke (The Courier). The team’s goal is to debut productions in New York City, London’s West End and in Australia. The first show is expected to launch in 2023.”

The play will feature familiar faces and will focus on the Great Tourney at Harrenhal, a contest that took place less that two decades before the start of Game of Thrones.

“The play will for the first time take audiences deeper behind the scenes of a landmark event that previously was shrouded in mystery.

“Featuring many of the most iconic and well-known characters from the series, the production will boast a story centered around love, vengeance, madness and the dangers of dealing in prophecy, in the process revealing secrets and lies that have only been hinted at until now.”

The tournament featured jousting, archery and more and, according to Martin’s books, took place over ten days. It is believed the play will feature younger versions of Ned Stark, his sister Lyanna (who is a major player in the main Thrones story without ever really appearing), Jaime Lannister, Lord Robert Baratheon, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, Prince Oberyn Martell and Ser Barristan Selmy.

Martin said of the show: “The seeds of war are often planted in times of peace.

“Few in Westeros knew the carnage to come when highborn and smallfolk alike gathered at Harrenhal to watch the finest knights of the realm compete in a great tourney, during the Year of the False Spring. It is a tourney oft referred during HBO’s Game of Thrones, and in my novels, A Song of Ice & Fire… and now, at last, we can tell the whole story… on the stage.”

While this is undoubtedly very exciting, I think many fans would just like to see him finally finish his novel The Winds of Winter so they can have closure on the Thrones saga as it was started on the page.

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