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SPOILER: Could this fan-favourite character from the books be heading to Game of Thrones Season 6?

September 1st, 2015 by Jonathan Snelling Comments

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With all the secrecy around season six of Game of Thrones we may have just been given a massive hint as to what is going to happen.

*Major spoiler warning*

Irish Thrones, a YouTube channel dedicated to Game of Thrones locations, recently tweeted this:

Who, you ask, is lady Stoneheart?

Well, let’s first cast our minds back to season three when we first met The Brotherhood without Banners and, most importantly, Thoros of Myr. Thoros is a red priest of the same religion as Melisandre. What is important here is that he has repeatedly been able to bring back his friend Beric Dondarrion from death by asking the lord of light for help.

This is a highly important detail that has not yet come to anything on our screens. Though we strongly suspect it will…

Skipping further into season three we get to the much loved Red Wedding, where most of the Northern army was defeated and Rob and Catelyn Stark were murdered. Here’s a question – we know what happened to Rob Stark’s body, his head decapitated and replaced with his direwolf’s head, but what happened to Catelyn?

Well she was throwns in the river (according to the books), and days later was picked up by none other than, you guessed it, The Brotherhood without Banners.

That’s right people, thanks to Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr, LADY STONEHEART IS THE RESURRECTED CORPSE OF CATELYN STARK!!

I’ll just let that sink in.

Why is this important?

Here is a brief description: “Death has changed Catelyn. She is less gracious and forgiving than in life and is consumed with a desire for vengeance on anyone she thinks betrayed her and her son, Robb. She hangs any men associated with the Freys, Boltons or Lannisters, even if they had nothing to do with the “Red Wedding”. It seems death was not kind to Cat

Lady Stoneheart is one of the most fan-wanted characters to be in the show because of her unforgiving heart of stone.

In the books, Breinne of Tarth meets with Lady Stoneheart and after an awkward exchange, Brienne is forced to either be killed or kill Jamie Lannister. In the show this has not yet happened because it deviated slightly but if Stoneheart is in season six then this scene could still happen, along with its repercussions. The main problem we have is that now that we’ve left the books behind, it’s unclear what might happen.

I’d assume it’s likely she will meet with Bienne in this season and we get this awkward scene. There is a possibility though that she could meet with her daughter Sansa with Theon or even Petyr Baelish, that would be something to behold.

Furthermore, Catelyn is now in charge of The Brotherhood without Banners. Made up of some elite and veteran soldiers, archers and fighters, it is a small army but one that should not be messed with.

There is one other important aspect to this resurrection though, one that doesn’t actually concern Lady Stoneheart at all. If she is able to be resurrected by the red priest Beric Dondarrion then, logically, another follower of the red religion should be able to resurrect too.

Where is Melisandre? Well, she is in the Night’s Watch in a prime location to resurrect the most loved Jon Snow from his murder. They practically put her there in an obvious reference to say ‘yep I’m finally here to save the day’.

Of course this is mere speculation and theory, but with the recent information about Jon Snow’s lineage possibly being confirmed, (you can read about that here) its almost inevitable that he will be resurrected. This all adds up, really.

What would two vengeful Starks wandering around the world be like though? Well I can see the cast list for season seven being very small indeed.

We don’t yet know when she will show up, how she will show up or her impact in the show. A character of that magnitude though should definitely be given plenty of air time.

My guessing is we’ll only find out more information next year.


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