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Teaching an old dog new tricks: Duchovny on bringing back The X-Files

May 18th, 2015 by Dave Bowling Comments

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True to form, David Duchovny is taking a somewhat light-hearted approach to the returning X-Files.

By now, anyone reading this will be familiar with the return of the seminal 90s sci-fi thriller next January with a six-part miniseries. But the early 21st Century’s greatest acting robot has clarified what we should expect:

“I know there are only six [episodes] so there’s going to be a mixture of standalones… monster of the week episodes – and the mythology. [It’s] basically what this series always was, which is a mix of those things, and even in this limited version there’s going to be that mix. How many mythology shows? I don’t know. I imagine two or three, but I’m really just speculating – I don’t know. I think we are going to continue on with the mythology as it was, but obviously this is new and we’re going to try and teach an old dog new tricks too so we’ll see. I’m the old dog.”

So, the old dog is returning, despite previous fears of typecasting and exhaustion from a gruelling network schedule. He’s stated that he’s reached a place in his career where he’s happy with what he’s done, “And all I have left is really just love and appreciation and respect for the show and for the people – for Gillian and Chris.”

Chris Carter has mentioned the possibility of bringing back Doggett and Reyes down the line. No word on the exact content of the miniseries, but I’ll be disappointed if we don’t see Frank Black, a relative of Eugene Tooms and the return of the humanoid fluke worm from Chernobyl.

Source: Digital Spy

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