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The Avengers Caused The Rise of Kingpin in Daredevil

April 5th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Timing is everything in comics, many storylines, and even characters, have been created due to events in the real world, or a desire to make a breakout character/event to push things forward.

For Daredevil, that was pretty much the case. His origin was meant to be something different based on the times they were in. Now though, the reason for his existence won’t really make sense in our more modern time, so for the Netflix series, they tweaked some things to make the connection to the Marvel Cinematic not only prevalent, but as a catalyst for things that have happened. Mainly, the rise of Kingpin.

“There’s been this incident,” Elden Henson said during a roundtable interview with reporters yesterday. “New York’s been torn apart by the aliens and everyone’s trying to deal with it. That’s how the mob got their foothold in Hell’s Kitchen: from the Avengers’ fight. The Avengers don’t realize all this crime has trickled down because of their actions. I think that’s so interesting — how now that New York’s been torn apart, what’s going to happen with the criminal element. They’re not dealing with that.”

So because of the Battle of New York, crime is taking over, which will lead Matt Murdock to donning the mantel of Daredevil. Interesting.

Daredevil arrives April 10th.

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