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The CW’s Flash showrunner wants to see more interaction with the DC big screen heroes… and so do we

September 3rd, 2020 by Marc Comments

Remember how, during The CW’s Arrowverse event, Crisis On Infinite Earths, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen/The Flash popped up alongside the TV Flash, Grant Gustin (here)? And remember how we were all shocked?

And then, remember how, not that long ago, during DC Fandome (all in here), there was a lot of talk about Multiverses in the DC Cinematic and TV universes? Well, keep that all in mind as you read this.

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace really wants it just to be the start of the crossovers: “Ezra was so delightful. It was such a delight to bring him into our family. Everybody welcomed him with open arms. He was so terrific to work with. Seeing him and Grant for the first time, both in their separate Flash costumes. I wish everybody could see the first take, which I saw because I was there obviously. It was electric. It was immediately obvious to everybody. It was a very small crew.

“It was a very closed set because we had to keep a secret as best as we could, which thank goodness we were able to. We knew from take one, which was very much full of improv and they were moving around the script, but it was so like “what’s going to happen now?” It was so unpredictable and wild that all we could do after that first take was not to burst into spontaneous applause because we had just seen something special.”

But he then goes on to mention how there’s now a feeling that the sky’s the limit: “It said to us, ‘Huh, if we could get The Flash from the DC Extended Universe into the Arrowverse, this can open the door for other characters.’ So I don’t know what’s going to happen in 2021 and 2022, things have obviously slowed down because of COVID and because of production winding down. But I would certainly love to see the Arrowverse have the Amazons and the Wonder Woman universe come to us, or Aquaman and his universe. I would love to see Cyborg.

“All of these things are welcomed now because of this one event, this one crazy idea that again, I’m not sure who had it, but Marc Guggenheim made that call and when he called me and said, ‘How can we pull this off? I need your help’ I immediately said yes. And then the rest of the incredible Flash crew because we had to film it. Even though it was appearing in Arrow, Ezra and the DC rep who was with him came to our Flash sets. It was actually filmed by our crew on our sets. And it was one of our directors in house that had to do that scene.”

I can’t help feeling that, given how DC are turning everything around, there may be more along those lines coming… in fact, given the direction the Flash movie is going in, with Keaton’s Batman and more coming over, I’d not be surprised if the Arrowverse had a role to play in that too.

And I’d be a liar if I said that didn’t make me kinda happy, truth be told.

What about you all? Let me know, gang…

Source: Discussing Film

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