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The Simpsons Duff beer to become an actual real-life beverage

July 15th, 2015 by Saxon Comments


Everyone.  Remain. Calm. You haven’t lost your mind (yet).  

Yep, you read that headline right – Homer Simpson’s beer of choice is coming to a reality near you soon!  Currently Duff is only available in Chile, with a worldwide release being considered by 21st Century Fox.  The move comes only after Fox’s many legal issues with shutting down brewers across the globe hoping to capitalize on the famous name, seen being regularly consumed by numerous Simpsons characters.  British brewer Paul Farnsworth will be the man responsible for bringing Duff to life – it is envisioned as a premium lager with a caramel aromatic.

As for now though, the only place you’ll be able to grab a can or bottle of Duff is by visiting one of the many licensed Simpsons theme parks.  D’oh!!

Source – Rolling Stone



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