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Nickelodeon Pulling The Legend of Korra?

July 24th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Very sad news from the world of Korra. Multiple reports and comments from the creators confirm that Legend of Korra has been pulled from its scheduling, starting with Episode 9.

To be clear, the show is not cancelled… as of yet. In fact, the show is still going to air. A tweet from creator Michael DiMartino said:

Need more proof? How about a pic from Korra’s other creator Bryan Konieztko?

So there, it’s not cancelled! But it’s still distressing. Ratings have been noted as being “lower” than usual for Nick, which apparently caused the pull from schedule. Yet if you think about it, that’s hardly surprising given the rapid nature of the return (see: it was unveiled a WEEK before premiering the first three episodes), then there was the shift to 7pm Central time, which no doubt confused some people.

Where does Korra go from here? Well, Season 4 is already ordered, and work has already been done on it. I would be very surprised if it didn’t go through, even if it’s only on digital. No doubt we’ll get more information this Friday at San Diego Comic-Con when the cast and crew take the stage at a Korra panel.

I know this is hard Korra fans, but don’t give up hope just yet. Let’s see where the wind takes us on this journey.

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