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Star Trek: Discovery roundup

October 4th, 2016 by Dave Bowling Comments

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As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for Star Trek: Discovery.

The Bryan Fuller-run show was originally supposed to premiere on Netflix and CBS All Access in January; however, the news from Paramount is that it will now become available in May 2017 instead. Originally, the word was that it was to make sure that the show will be polished and as good as possible. We’ve since learned that it has been replaced in CBS’s lineup with a spin-off from ‘The Good Wife’. The rather quick announcement of a replacement show has left a few heads being scratched, but the hope is that this is just a spot of rescheduling and not a reflection on changed priorities at CBS.

However, there’s good news, everyone! [/Farnsworth] At the recent Mission New York convention, Discovery producer Kristen Beyer announced a new line of tie-in comics and novels. During a panel at the 50th anniversary con, Beyer broke the news that CBS is partnering with Simon & Schuster and IDW to produce the books and comics, respectively. She will be working with David Mack, writer of the Star Trek: Destiny books, and Mike Johnson, writer of the comic Star Trek: Boldly Go. Other details have emerged, including that the main focus will be on a senior officer on the Discovery who isn’t the captain. As a certain Vulcan would undoubtedly say, fascinating.

We just hope it lasts longer than all the rest of Fuller’s brilliantly brilliant projects that have been put to sleep far too early…

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