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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agent Carter Season 01 Episode 4: The Blitzkrieg Button

January 28th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


This episode of Agent Carter was definitely an uptick for me after last the episode from two weeks back (darn State of the Union address!).

The key thing here was the immediate return of Howard Stark, which immediately brought some humor and smarts to the proceedings (not that Peggy and Jarvis don’t have either, but as we know, Stark’s are special). It was hilarious seeing Stark being with basically every (almost every) girl on Peggy’s floor, and having Peggy call him out on it. Great stuff.

The other thing though was that his return helped cap off a part of the storyline, all his inventions are indeed accounted for, which means we can move on to other things. Almost…

The reveal of the Captain America blood vial was definitely a shocker, and one that can be put to good use later on. If nothing else, it served as a great reminder that not everyone can be trusted completely. Not even Stark and Jarvis. The scene with Peggy and Howard after the reveal was great. What I particularly loved was Howard’s monologue about his life and how he had to learn to lie to get where he was. He stated some facts that are just as true now, as they were then. Some things sadly, don’t change.

Now the true question is, “where do we go from here?” Agent Carter teased that slightly with the “break-up” of Howard and Peggy, but dollars to donuts they’ll be back in some form working together.

We did get progression on the Leviathan storyline via Dooley, who went to Germany to get info about a mysterious battle in WWII. It’s still very unclear how they all ties together with what’s going on, but with only 4 episodes left this season (can you believe it?) we’re going to find out soon.


And then there’s Thompson…nope, still don’t like the guy, like at all. He’s conversations with Sousa (who honestly had some good scenes in this episode) and especially Peggy were the worst. I don’t care that this guy is a top agent, he’s a jerk, and at times an idiot…ok, a lot of the time he’s an idiot!

I’ll give them credit, Dooley and Thompson both showed they can be very smart agents, using people skills and profiling to understand what people want and get information out of them. Top stuff to be sure, but the rest of their character? Not so much.

There was plenty of cool moments in “The Blitzkrieg Button”, from the opening scene, to the camera button, and the “reveal” of Dottie being much more than a simple girl! That one was fun. Oh, and how about that Stan Lee cameo? Awesome! It’s good to see that Agent Carter can be fun, funny, action packed, and cool all within one hour.

In the end, “The Blitzkrieg Button” was another great notch in Agent Carter belt, and with the Howling Commandos (YES!) coming back next week? It’s definitely going to be fun.


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