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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 02 Episode 08: The Things We Bury

November 19th, 2014 by Todd Black 1 Comment


After a much needed reveal in last weeks “The Writing on the Wall”, it was important for Agents of Shield to keep up the momentum. Boy did they ever.

With “The Things We Bury”, not only did we get the true backstory behind Whitehall, we got some much needed story about “The Doctor” and his role in all this. Oh and we met Skye’s mother, didn’t see that coming.

It was great to see how the interrogation of Whitehall’s lieutenant led to the discovery of his “ability”. Not the least of which was shown to us via flashbacks that included the one and only Peggy Carter (“who’s also British!”), showing how the past and present were all connected. This was very gratifying stuff, especially for Whitehall who has been a little bit of a one-note villain. Mainly because we didn’t know much about him. His clear dismay over the loss of the Red Skull, his joy when Hydra (via Alexander Pierce) saved him, and his evil smirk when he experimented on Skye’s mother was very good, and chilling.

I also liked how Coulson used very eloquent and simple tactics to break into a satellite feed to scan the world for the city. Sometimes the simple stuff works. And although I’m not clear on how Hydra and “The Doctor” got into the building to fight Coulson and his team, it was very gratifying to see him and Coulson interact. The range of emotions Kyle MacLachlan showed in that scene was incredible.


Truly though, my favorite stuff involved Ward, as we saw the much desired confrontation of him and his brother Christian. The game of “who’s the liar?” was well done. As both sides made their cases quite well. Speaking of wells…yep, the well came back to life in a big way. I loved how Ward seemed to be content with just hearing the truth and hugging his brother after the confession…only to kill him and his parents later on to prove to Hydra he was loyal to them! Wow!

I’ll be honest, the episode wasn’t perfect. There were some storylines that didn’t fit well, and some scenes that honestly weren’t necessary. But overall the results were good. The city has been found. The pieces are slowly getting into place, and good things are surely about to happen!

So in the end, “The Things We Bury” kept up the momentum that it needed to, all the while revealing some new details about characters and their relationships, and how it’ll all tie into the story going forward.


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