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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 02 Episode 14: One Door Closes

April 1st, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


Many true Agents of Shield fans know that the Hydra arc was the reason AOS stay around, as it truly gave it a new purpose and big shot in the arm plotwise. With “One Door Closes” we got to see that arc rear its head in a new and exciting way, all the while giving new life and meaning to the storyline of “The Real Shield”.

You knew it was all going to come to a head in this episode, but how it did was wonderfully done. From both Bobbi and Mack having to face their friends in combat, to Fitz and Simmons having to choose what to do, and eventually bonding once again, it was all great.

I loved the May vs. Bobbi fight. It was well choreographed, and epic, and fierce, and epic.Remember, Bobbi is technically an Avenger (not in this world, but in the comics), her skills are legendary. So for May to go toe-to-toe with her without breaking a sweat? That shows how epic May is.

It was also fun to watch Bobbi and Mack struggle with having to fight everyone. They were all Shield in one way or another, they didn’t want to kill anyone. That was important, cause if they did, they were no better than Hydra. Even May and Coulson noted this as they were trying to stop them.

The surprise of the episode? Gemma! Who knocked out Bobbi without throwing a punch. I haven’t said this in a while but…you go girl!


A surprise addition to this episode was the flashbacks which showed how “The Real Shield” came together. It was very well crafted, as they were ordered by Fury to take down the carrier (which is now they’re base in the present) to prevent Hydra from taking it. After taking stock of the situation, they decide against it. Even with their eventual leader saying they should follow Fury’s orders. Bobbi, Mack, and the return of Hartley voiced the concerns and doubts that no doubt make “The Real Shield” what it is today.

Then there’s Skye, who actually had quite a showing as she not only met fellow Inhuman Gordon, but found out who exactly the cabin was “built” for. Also, she got to truly show off her powers in an epic way. Hopefully this’ll lead to some big things for Skye now that she’s with the Inhumans. Although…her father was there as well last time I checked…

The ending was very surprising, Shield has been conquered…again. Coulson is on the run…again. And Hunter showed up to help him out! Yay Hunter! Let’s get our team back!

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