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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents Of Shield Season 04 Episode 22: Worlds End

May 17th, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

Wow…didn’t see that coming. To say that “Worlds End” ended a dramatic and powerful note is an understatement. Despite some small problems, the episode was a fantastic capper to a great season, all the while once again pushing the show into brand new territory.

First off, they didn’t waste time welcoming Robbie Reyes back into the world, and showing once again just how great a ally/enemy he can be. The look of surprise on Aida when his chain (which got used to GREAT) effect was epic, as she knew she may have met her match. Of course, that didn’t stop her from trying to enact her revenge on Fitz and Shield.

There were a lot of spinning plates in this episode, and for the most part, they all landed. From Yo-Yo and Mack in the Framework, and them both coming out alive, and even stronger as a couple for it was really good. Again, it’s totally understand that Framework Mack would want to stay, but then once he came back to the real world. OUR Mack used his pain to push forward with Yo-Yo, which was also true to character.

Then there’s May and Coulson, who had some adorable back and forth about that bottle and why they need to start over. I hope that Season 05 really pushes it forward, their relationship, they deserve happiness too.

Which of course brings us to FitzSimmons, the former of whom was still feeling guilty over what happened with Aida, and was even willing to sacrifice himself to save the team after Aida’s plan basically branded them as criminals. But Daisy gave a beautiful speech about how they would all stick together through it all. It was lovely. As was that diner scene. Did anyone else feel bad that they got “arrested” before they ate pie? I’m just saying.

There was plenty of epic action in this episode, Ghost Rider shined, not just as Robbie Reyes, but as Phil Coulson! Didn’t see that coming! Anyone else want to know what this…”Deal”…is?

Before I get to the “down” parts, I do want to acknowledge that final scene with Radcliffe, they didn’t have to do that, but they did, and they did it beautifully. Here was a man who just wanted to ease pain, had his work turned against him, yet still had a heroes ending. I’m glad he got to at least say goodbye  in his own way.

There were some weird odds and ends in “Worlds End” that didn’t seem to make sense. First off, how did Aida make those other LMD’s, when the last ones we saw were all The Superior? Plus, how did those two get into a meeting with Talbot? Oh, and that Simmons LMD, where did that come from? There’s no way they could’ve built that in time for the attack.

Also, though Aida did get the painful death she deserved, it seemed a little too neat. Yes, Ghost Rider could totally kill her, that’s undeniable, but I don’t know…it just felt off in a way. A little too clean. Plus, why did Ghost Rider hate her so much?

Ok, that ending. Agents of Shield…IN SPACE!!!! There’s going to be a LOT of rumors going on about this. Is this an alien thing? Is S.W.O.R.D coming into play? Or is this something even grander? It’s hard to say, but I’m looking forward to it!

“Worlds End” brought Season 04 of Agents of Shield to a great close, and I hope that next season is just as fun as this one was.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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