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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield, Season 2 Episode 10: What They Become

December 10th, 2014 by Todd Black 2 Comments


So we did get our answers after all. I was worried we wouldn’t to be honest. Cause most of the show felt like buildup for something that would be answered in the back half of the season and not the finale tonight. Thankfully, I was proven wrong, but not without a cost.

Ok, let’s get right to the heart of the matter. Skye is Daisy Johnson, aka Quake, who in the Marvel Comics has been on both the Avengers, Secret Warriors, and more. I think she was also a high-ranking officer in SHIELD, second only to Maria Hill I think. No, she wasn’t an Inhuman, but that’s small potatoes.

Also, Skye/Daisy’s father is Calvin Zabo, who also goes by the name Mr. Hyde…yeah, probably should’ve saw that one coming. But hey, it was a good reveal nonetheless.

Truly, the whole episode was about Skye and her father, their true reunion, and what future they may have between them. Kyle MacLachlan did a fantastic job showing off a man both angry at what life had dealt him, but overjoyed nearly to tears at the sight of his daughter. Truly a Jekyll/Hyde performance.

I will say that the other good performance this week was by Hunter and Bobbi, who really got to show how they were indeed a couple once. They had a good banter going, but also showed that they cared for each other a lot. I liked how Hunter called out Bobbi for pocketing that flashdrive, but was willing to trust her enough to not ask her about it.

Sadly though, there were other parts of the show that just didn’t flow right. Mainly the constant foreshadowing they all did. And I mean everyone. First it was about whether Mac was alive (of course he was alive), then about Skye and “her destiny” (which we knew at the very least would happen in some way in this episode). Yes, it was important to point it all out, but so much? By so many characters? Really?

What they become2

And then there’s Ward, who not only did exactly what he promised for Skye, but then fought by Skye to try and save her, then untied her and tried to save her again…ONLY TO BE SHOT!

Ok, yes, Ward is clearly nuts on a certain level, his obsession with Skye is well noted, and yes, he almost killed Fitz-Simmons, HOWEVER, what does any of that have to do with Skye shooting him essentially in the back? It was out of character, and goes against everything that’s happened recently. She doesn’t do that, May might, Phil would, not Skye, not even Skye 2.0. And don’t say she didn’t try and kill him. She shot him four times, and did not know he had body armor on. Thankfully, Agent 33 (who I am now glad is alive) saved him, cause if he got killed? Boy I would be ticked.

Which obviously leads us to Tripp, who passed in this episode…not much to say about it really. At first you thought he might die trying to stop the bombs from going off. Then that Coulson might get stuck in the chamber and not Tripp, then a small but glimmering hope that he might be an Inhuman too…but no. He died.

Yes, it meant something on a simplistic level, and you could say that the team was now too big. But do go out like that? With almost no reason for it to happen like that? Not cool.

Oh, and Whitehall getting off so quickly and easily? Huh? Yes, it lead to the great Coulson/Calvin scene, with Skye laying down the law, but it felt like such a waste.

Back to the positive. The scene with the Diviner opening up to reveal the Terrigan Crystals was a true fanboy moment, especially when the mist literally poured out of it. And yes, seeing Quake truly come to life was something cool to see. I wonder what Raina will be…

There was a lot of expectations going into “What They Become”, and some of them were most definitely fulfilled. Others…not so much. It will be interesting to see where Agents of Shield goes when it returns in March. But I’m honestly not going to say I’m super amped for it’s return. Cause though I will watch it, the mid season finale just didn’t excite me like I wanted it to. Oh well, time for Agent Carter!

3.5 nerds


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