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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 6 Episode 10: Leap

July 20th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

“Leap” most definitely took a leap forward in regards to answering all our questions about Izel, Not-Coulson, and more. And while it did deliver some shocks and a LOT of tension, the ending answers further proves why the showed needed to end at Season 5 (in case you didn’t hear, Season 7 is the official last season).

Let’s start with the good. As suspected (and spoiled via the trailer), Izel wasn’t dead. She hitched a ride in Davis and then jumped to May in order to “kill” Sarge. But, it didn’t work. Sarge can’t die via bullets (neither can Izel as we found out). And her continuous body jumping led to a really great scene with everyone trying to figure out who was real and who was Izel, and I’ll admit, they had me going that she was still Deke. But in fact, she was Fitz! Brilliant.

This was honestly my favorite Izel scene because she showed just how sadistic she could be. She possessed Piper and shot her hand (though she apparently wasn’t in pain after that…) and then she possessed and killed Davis after they refused to stand down. That was very shocking.

Eventually, it all came to a head when Sarge confronted Izel and we learned the truth (via that scene and Fitz). So, remember the “Fear Dimension”? Turns out, it wasn’t a dimension! When they blew up the Monoliths in Season 5, the energies of all three combined (and the third one was “Creation”…because of course it was) and just created things that the others were picturing. And when Coulson went inside to “seal” it, he left behind a copy of his body on another world, which a non-corporeal being inhabited…lost their memories, got sent back in time and space…and then believed that he was hunting Izel for costing him his family and friends.

Did you get all that? I ain’t repeating it.

This is what I was talking about in regards to ending with Season 5. Because we are now meant to believe that what we thought was another dimension was actually a combining of energies and Coulson just so HAPPENED to leave a body on a planet with a bunch of non-corporeal beings that never HAPPENED to have solid form, and then that being who possessed the body got overwhelmed and yada yada yada. That’s a stretch even for comic books. And if Not-Coulson doesn’t die at the end of the season, they’re no doubt going to try and say that this IS Coulson, even when it’s clearly not, by his own admission.

That forced plot aside, the rest of the episode was good outside of Deke being Deke…again. At least his weird love relationship with Snowflake wasn’t brought up.

The tension and fear alone from “Leap” made the episode worth it. But the “leap” in logic and storytelling didn’t do anyone any favors.

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