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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents Of Shield Season 6 Episode 7: Toldja

June 29th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

I feel like a broken record going into this review, because once again Agents of Shield had the potential to be a great episode, but once again they went down the path of doing a subpar “B Story” and diverting from the better one. Thankfully, the main story got a lot of time, but it couldn’t save everything in the end. Plus, they had some big issues on their own.

After being left out of the fold for an episode, “Toldja” re-established things for the better. Including the threat of the Shrike and the dangers that Not-Coulson poses even behind bars. I loved how the inclusion of Daisy in the war room when Not-Coulson returned gave us the awkwardness of the situation, but it didn’t dwell on it for too long.

What was also fun were the mind games between Mack and Not-Coulson. Especially when things seemed to be going one of their ways, and then the other basically pulled the rug out from under them. It was clever use of storytelling, as well as camera work.

Having Mack and Daisy back together as friends was also nice, and her pointing out the feelings that him and Yo-Yo have for each other was done in a simple yet effective way. Unlike a certain other character and his pinings…

Yes, I’m talking about Deek. I never understood why he had to return this season, and while he did have one good scene with Mack in regards to finding out about Fitz being both dead and alive, it didn’t save the fact that we had a multi-minute seen of him trying to flirt with Daisy.

Also, after all the warnings that Not-Coulson gave about the Shrike “coming together” and having them “converge” on certain places…they go and pick two up…and then throw them in the same containment unit? How does that make sense? It doesn’t, and they should’ve known better.

Such as the continued story of FitzSimmons and their trek back to Earth. Which…OF COURSE…gets sidetracked…AGAIN…and they get put back in danger…AGAIN…only to be saved by the skin of their teeth…AGAIN! Seriously, this game is old, and even the new characters can’t save it. Oh, and of course, the only person on Kitsun that would save FitzSimmons is going to Earth…how ironic…

Sure, the farewell to Enoch was nice and poetic, but FitzSimmons suddenly stepping over each others words and not being on the same page…why is that happening?

In the end, “Toldja” did revitalize the main story and continued giving depth to Not-Coulson and his team (on a side note, how did that guy breathe fire?) as well as the Shrike threat. But it wasn’t enough to make it a truly standout episode. Hopefully the threat of world-destruction and a “God” coming will be enough to fuel the back half of this season. It needs it.

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