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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Arrow Season 04 Episode 16: Broken Hearts

March 24th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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I won’t lie by saying I really wanted Arrow to be good tonight, as last nights Flash didn’t do much for me. Sadly, “Broken Hearts” just added to what I hated about the ending of the previous episode before the hiatus.

I’ll give credit where it’s due, part of the episode was very compelling, and this return of Cupid was actually handled very well, making her a much more menacing character than what we saw in Season 03. The rest though? Not so much.

Just so it’s out of the way, the Oliver/Felicity storyline wasn’t very good in my opinion. From the very awkward move out scene to start the episode, to the brutal, and downright mean, way Felicity was treating Oliver, to the end scene where she talked about “she was already gone”, it was one “UGH!” moment after another. It wasn’t even funny.

I hated how quickly she dismissed everything Ollie said about being willing to change for her, and doing his best not to lie anymore. Now yes, in his line of work, that’s a promise he can’t keep. HOWEVER, you knew he would do his best to try and do that. Love is about looking for the best in each other and WORKING THROUGH THEIR FAULTS, not denying them happiness because of one fault. Especially when that “fault” deals with a truth that you had no business being a part of.

I’ve never shied away from saying I’m a Felicity fan, I have been since day one. But here, this was everything I’ve heard about from other fans. Annoying, self-centered, and predictable. I don’t know what the endgame here is, but I honestly am not happy about this breakup.

Moving on for sanitys sake. The court case for Damien Darhk was very compelling. You’d think after everything he’s done, it would be an open and shut case. Yet leave it to Darhk and HIVE to prove otherwise. Seeing him slither through all the evidence and testimony was good stuff, showing once again how great a villain he is.

This was compounded by Laurel’s frustration, as every piece of evidence or witness seemed to crumble in her hands. And yet, it was a noble sacrifice that saved the day. It’s been clear since it was revealed that Quentin hated working with Darhk, and his hatred of it lead to easily one of the best moments of the season, as Quentin took to the stand and incriminated himself in order to take Darhk down. What made it worthwhile was the lawyer trying to show fault in his testimony, only for Quentin to turn it on his head.

After all, why admit to a crime in order to take a guy down if it wasn’t true? Darhk is done, but something tells me he’s not out just yet.

The flashbacks finally let shine some of the mysteries of this seasons arc. As, like Darhk, an idol was the object of the Baron’s desires. One that is apparently fueled by the death of others, hence the need for the hostages to be kept alive…until needed. Oliver’s escape adds some drama to things for sure. But, where is this all headed? That wasn’t Darhk’s idol, but it can’t be a coincidence that this is a similar thing. What’s the endgame?

In the end, “Broken Hearts” did some interesting bits. Including making a darker version of Cupid that was very compelling, and showing how the capture of Damien Darhk doesn’t mean the fall of HIVE just yet. But, the drama between Oliver and Felicity really brought this episode down. Let’s hope things bounce back very soon. This season is too good to falter so close to the end.

3.5 nerds

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