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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Arrow Season 05 Episode 05: Human Target

November 3rd, 2016 by Todd Black Comments



While not the most exciting episode in some aspects, “Human Target” did advance in many ways, and set the stage for the next 18 episodes, which will likely feature Prometheus now in full “big bad” mode.

I can understand why Tobias Church was put in the role as villain early on. He was a very grounded villain that would allow Ollie to not obsess over like he did with Merlyn, Slade, Ra’s and Damien. It wasn’t that kind of villain. Also, it allowed a solid starting point for the new Team Arrow to grow. We all knew he was going to die, and the capture of Wild Dog only helped accelerate that notion. His end was handled really well here, if not a bit quickly in regards to his takedown.

The twist here was the arrival of Charlie Chase, aka the Human Target. For those who don’t remember, FOX did a show about Human Target, but sadly it got cancelled. So this was there way of bringing him back to speak. And yes, that it Nuke from Jessica Jones. See? Marvel and DC people can coexist!

I’ll admit, I was hoping for a bit more use of Human Target, however, his use was very cool. His “ability” to be “anyone” was put to good use, even I didn’t know he was there in those last two reveals, it was good stuff.

What was also good was though was Ollie continuing to try and actually be mayor of Star City. Going so far as try and convince two high ranking people to give him a break in different ways so he can do his job. The new reporter learning of Ollie’s being in Russia is an interesting twist, and I look forward to see where this goes. And I also hope that we get to see more of Ollie in the mayoral struggle, as when its done right, it’s compelling stuff.


While not as compelling, Diggle’s chats with Wild Dog were very poignant, as Diggle went through very similar struggles with both guilt, and making bad mistakes. Diggle could be the mentor Wild Dog needs to become a better member of Team Arrow, hopefully this relationship will continue to develop.

Also, can I say how great it was to see Spartan back in action? And with a new helmet! Thanks Cisco!

On the topic of relationships, I’m glad Ollie now knows about Felicity’s new guy, and the scene they had was touching. But…Felicity not saying that her new relationship was “real” really made me roll my eyes.  You’ve slept with this man, several times! You clearly like him! It’s got to be real! Olicity is easily one of the more divisive parts of Arrow, and I’m glad for now they’re keeping them apart, but I hope we don’t keep coming back to this.

Finally, that ending scene with Prometheus was just plain awesome. It really showed he’s not a “darker version of Arrow”, he’s skilled, in a big way. Even Church was scared of him. And with Church now dead, the real fun can begin.

The flashbacks were simple, and to be honest, not the best. Ollie is now Bratva, but there are those won’t do agree with his joining. Which is predictable. However, I do appreciate Anatoli’s foresight into this, and hiring a special someone to protect Oliver.

“Human Target” may not have been earthshaking, but it was still good, and a solid episode is better than one that reached for the stars and failed horribly.

4 out of 5 nerds

4 out of 5 nerds

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