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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 5: Tavon’s Requiem

November 12th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

Something tells me this is a revolution…no, really, that’s what Black Lightning is going for, and it’s really coming off well, all the while continuing on with all the many storylines of the season. “Tavon’s Requiem” might have made it all too clear what was going to happen to the titled character, but the way it was done, and how it was used to get Henderson and the other leaders of the resistance together in order to truly start a revolution was well done.

What was also compelling was how the various elements of the storyline wove into one another. From Anissa continuing to struggle with handling the various elements of being Blackbird, to continuing her relationship with Grace, to Jefferson desperately trying to bring things back to a level of normal, to Jennifer struggling to be herself while also being manipulated by Agent Odell, it’s good stuff.

Then there’s Lynn, who is also being manipulated, but finds herself in an awkward position as she has to help Tobias in order to save all the other metas in ASA custody. He’s back to full strength now, and he knows who Black Lightning and co are, and that can’t be good going forward.

With the spark of revolution now in effect, it’ll be curious to see just how far things go. Plus, we’re less than a month now until Crisis on Infinite Earths, which Black Lightning will be a part of, so I look forward to seeing how he get into the mix.

The only real downside though was that they built up Kalil as this unstoppable force, and yet Jennifer was able to school him with vary basic attacks, it felt a little odd.

In the end, “Tavon’s Requiem” brought a lot of storylines together for an emotional and powerful episode. Hopefully the season can maintain this momentum it’s got going for it.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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