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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Gotham Season 02 Episode 03: The Last Laugh

October 6th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Well…didn’t see that coming.

If “The Last Laugh” reaffirmed something we found out last episode, it’s that season 02 of Gotham is not holding back. Like, at all. No one (save for some obvious characters) is safe, and the fun is just beginning.

I’ll be fair, this episode wasn’t the non-stop thrill ride of last weeks thriller, but it was still a darn good episode. One that is fully embracing what has been set up. Right off the bat we got to see how last weeks massacre affected Jim Gordon, as he and Bullock were literally (I do mean that) throwing guys out windows trying to find Jerome and the rest of the Maniax.

Gordon was clearly unhinged, will to do things that he detested in Season 01 in order to get information on them. This made both Harvey and Leslie nervous, as well it should. Gordon crossing the line appears to be a recurring thread this season, lets see how far it goes.

Obviously some of the more epic scenes involved Jerome, and even Tigress, who (along with Barbara) got a lot more screen time this go round. The confrontation with Jerome’s “father” was quite spectacular, and his “prediction” was definitely one to send chills down your spine. Even with the twist at the end…

The charity banquet may have been a bit tacky in some ways (maniaz on the loose and their holding a gala with a bunch of rich people…) but hey, whatever, it’s Gotham for Pete’s sake. But the interactions and tension was both fun and surprising. Theo Galavan may have been the downer of the scenes (he hammed it up a bit too much at the beginning) but the results were worth it. Jerome’s “on-air” hostage situation was reminiscent of Jack Nicholson’s Joker in the original Batman film. And Barbara had numerous fun spots herself as she got to poke fun at Leslie, who herself got some licks in on her “BFF”.


See Bruce, Alfred, and Gordon team up was awesome, as Alfred once again showed he’s not the butler you want to mess with. And while I didn’t like how flirty he was at Leslie at first, seeing that spark extinguished at the end with a nice back-and-forth with Bruce was too epic not to laugh.

And then…there’s Jerome. After his “big debut” last episode, you thought he might’ve stuck around to at least the midseason finale, if not the season finale. But no, they killed him off in three episodes. An epic twist? Yes! A downer? For sure! Worth it…? We’ll have to wait and see. He definitely was a driving force this season at the beginning, and his absence will be felt.

That being said, his “influencing” people was actually rather interesting. It’s not unlike how Batman became…well, Batman. He was inspired by a bat in a cave (or in his house depending on what you’re seeing). Why wouldn’t the Joker be inspired by a guy who was insane as he was? The “prophecy” begin repeated during this montage was great.

There was a lot of other great interactions and one-notes here. Bullock and Oswald “bonding”. Bruce and Selina had some good moments. Bruce noting how he “doesn’t like magicians”…even though he’s going to be trained by a most famous one most likely, good stuff.

“The Last Laugh” was a nice capper on the first three episodes of the season. Theo Galavan is now the “hero” of the city, and his plan is now in full swing with plenty of pawns still to play with. Gordon is still out for blood in a way, and who knows what’s going to happen next episode.


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