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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Gotham Season 02 Episode 10: Son Of Gotham

November 24th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Son of Gotham1

I have not been shy in saying that Gotham is kicking all kinds of butt this year. In my opinion, it’s better than Arrow, Agents of Shield, Flash, and Supergirl, some of them by leagues and bounds. And “Son Of Gotham” continued that trend of great television by moving forward on numerous fronts, and giving us some great character direction in the process.

After last weeks bloodbath, it was great to see Gordon still affected by it. Especially in regards to the rookie he lost because of the Flamingo. That was a very haunting death, and to brush over it would’ve felt very wrong. Instead, they used it as a focal point for Gordon, both in his struggle with the darkness in him, and his desire to see Galavan behind bars.

But…that was going to be tricky, even without the preview spoiler that Galavan was going to be released, it was obvious he was going to be freed somehow, especially since the “monks” from the Order of St. Dumas had arrived. And boy did they make an entrance! In fact, it was very Batman like, striking from the shadows (or in this case the fog) to save a woman from a mugger. What was interesting here was just how ritualistic the Order was. It would’ve been easy for them to just start killing “bad people” left and right, but here, we got to see their belief and practices first hand.

Which of course led to some fun revelations on their own, such as some of the places in Gotham they used to own before being exiled…which were promptly purified. Also, their dedication to be immune to pain. This was easily a beginning for the Azrael storyline we’ll hopefully get in the back half of the season, as Azrael is the ultimate soldier/weapon of the Order.

Son of Gotham2

Then…there’s Bruce and Selina. After Selina’s “save” at the end of last episode, I was hopeful that a shoe would drop, and boy did it ever! Bruce and Silver getting kidnapped was both previewed and telegraphed, but how it played out was incredibly fun. From Bruce getting slapped around, to his own little “torture session” to Silver revealing her true self to The Knife, and finally, the name drop of M. Malone. Who of course is Matches Malone, an alias Bruce Wayne will use once he is Batman to infiltrate the criminal underground.

Now of course, in true Batman lore, Joe Chill is the man who killed the Waynes. So did Galavan just get the name wrong? Was Joe Chill merely the hirer, with Malone the gun? We’ll hopefully find out soon. But the big take away here was Bruce’s big step towards being both the detective and dark knight he will be. His cold response to Silver’s confusion, followed by very Batman esque music was very powerful. As was Selina and Bruce’s conversation afterwards.

Let’s get to some quick points before wrapping up shall we? Alfred vs. Tigress? EPIC!!! Galavan’s beatdown of Gordon? Surprising. Penguin saving Gordon? Called that! Galavan coming for Bruce in his house?!?!? Cue dramatic music!!!!

With one episode left, before a 3 month break, this is shaping up to be something very epic and special. And this is only the first half of the season! Let’s hope it ends as well as it started.

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