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TV Reviews: FTN Reviews Gotham Season 04 Episode 11: Queen Takes Knight

December 8th, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

Just before Gotham aired tonight, the narrator for Fox said that this was the “season finale” of Gotham, even though it was the season finale. That being said, this certainly felt like a season finale, cause many major moves were made, and Gotham was not the same by any stretch of the imagination.

The first 30 minutes alone were non-stop with action, suspense, twists, and more. Penguin called Carmine Falcone to end the war, and no sooner did he tell Sofia to come home with him…then he was killed! Now, we all suspected foul play, and maybe even from Sofia herself, but to what end? Well, apparently, it was to undermine Penguin and make everyone believe he killed him, which made key players like Zsasz betray him for the mere thought that he did it.

And then, there was Gordon, who was put into a position where he had to protect Sofia (not knowing she killed him) in order to stop Penguin’s reign. Seeing the GCPD well and truly rally around Gordon was something four seasons in the making, and they really sold it here…

…which is sad, because it was all a lie. As Sofia’s plan from the beginning was using Jim and Penguin in such a way that one would be gone, and the other would be under her control. Even going so far as to HIRE PYG!!!! That was her doing!!! And yeah, that was her “revenge” again Gordon for killing Mario, to give him what he wanted, yet make it known that it was a lie. Worst of all, Bullock turned in his badge, so he’s truly lost everything now.

Ironically though, that wasn’t all that was in play here. Bruce and Alfred had a major falling out that took a drastic twist with not just their fight (which was great), but Bruce getting Alfred removed as his legal guardian and firing him from the mansion. He’ll be back no doubt, but you have to wonder…what else will Bruce lose before he realizes his mistake?

Finally, Ed is coming to grips with the Riddlers return (and a possible romance with Leslie? Eh…) and Tabitha literally knocked Butch back into his body. And now he’s got the strength of Grundy, but Butch’s brain. Oh, people are in trouble…

One more thing…Penguin and Joker are about to become “best friends”! Oh yeah, this is going to be good.

Now, I must admit, things did get a bit slower at the end, and while the Pyg reveal was cool, the fact that this was nothing more an act was a bit of a letdown.

Still, “Queen Takes Knight” has reshaped the landscape of Gotham in a big way. And though we have to wait until Spring, when it returns, it’s going to be good.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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