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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends Of Tomorrow Season 03 Episode 06: Helen Hunt

November 15th, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

One of the best things about Legends of Tomorrow is that just when you think an episode is going to be filler, it turns out to be majorly important, and such is the case with “Helen Hunt”, where the literal Helen of Troy shows up to turn Hollywood upside down.

Right off the bat, I love how they used the legend of Helen being the most beautiful women ever to turn Hollywood into a war-torn place fighting for her to be their leading lady. But more than that, we got to see an interesting take on Helen herself. What must it have been like to be the source of a war? To be kidnapped and locked away, then all of a sudden find yourself in a new place where people want you to be more than just beautiful? It’s an interesting take on history.

As was the fact that Helen was apparently causing more damage in the present than just being missing in the past. Because her “casting” in various films led to other important Hollywood starlets being not cast at all, which set a ripple effect in motion to cripple the Waverider. Again, a nice twist.

Still not enough? Well, Jax and Stein went “Freaky Friday” on each other. And it led to some hilarious moments, including both actors having to act like the other…and doing a pretty good job of it too.

What? That’s STILL not enough? Ok, midway through, Darhk showed up, and tried to keep Helen in Hollywood, and stop the Legends from fixing time. Neal McDonough again shined, and his outburst upon finding out about Stein/Jax was hilarious. Oh, and the witch? That’s his daughter! You know, the one from Season 04? Yeah, that’s her! TWIST!!!

There was a ton of action in this episode too. From the various men fighting for Helen, for the multiple fights between Legends and Darhk’s allies, it was great. And it led to Amaya finding out about her OTHER granddaughter, Kuasa. Oh, and if you’re wondering how Ray knew about all this? He appeared in the Vixen animated series for an episode and got to meet both Kuasa and Amari.

But of course, the biggest twist of all was Zi finding a “loophole” in time and taking Helen of Troy…TO THEMYSCIRA!!!! That totally tops the Bruce Wayne name drop from Arrow a few weeks back. Helen of Troy is an Amazon!!!!

A few downpoints, I wish we found out why Darhk was told to prevent this anachronism, is this really an important part of Mallous plan? Also, the Freaky Friday thing was a it cliche, and I think Victor Garber overplayed Jax a few times.

But still, “Helen Hunt” was another great highpoint of the season, and with all the twists that are happening, this could top Season 02.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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