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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 2: Meat The Legends

May 10th, 2021 by Todd Black Comments

Yes…I realize this was last season’s poster…editorial error, next week is the charm!

Thankfully, after the somewhat anti-climatic start of the season (thanks in LARGE part to Gary), Legends of Tomorrow bounced back in a fun way via “Meat The Legends”

In an attempt to find Sara, Ava is convinced that they need to catch one of these aliens to get an idea on where her fiance is. There are a few holes in that plan, obviously, but they made sure to show that Ava isn’t exactly in her “best mindset” right now and that actually works in the story’s favor.

They also did a good job of a fakeout in the trailer because they made it seem like someone chopped up an alien and fed it to people to cause a craze, but in fact, it was just a…uh…secretion? Is that a safe enough word here? It was an ooze that came from a cocoon of the alien version of Mothra (which if you listened closely…sounded like Godzilla). And having the “villain” be the suburban housewife from the 50s desperate to “save her marriage” made it all the more hilarious when she (and later her husband) got eaten by Mothra. It’s a classic.

This was also the big “field test” for Spooner as she had to use her “alien senses” to go and find out where the alien was…with mixed results due to the alien being “everywhere” because of the ooze. There’s definitely more going on with her than we realize, and I’d bet anything she’ll meet her mother by the end of this season. Her butting heads with Ava was poignant though and both learned a thing or two by the end of it. Even though it may cost Ava via the “kill more aliens” plan she agreed to. But again…not the best mind state right now.

Oh, and the burger joint becoming Big Belly Burger? Very creative. Not exactly logical in certain ways timeline-wise…but I’ll let it slide because it was a nice reference.

Meanwhile, Sara (and technically Gary, still want to kill him) had to figure out what to do on the alien planet she found herself on alone (and worse than that, alone with Gary *shiver*). Finding “Amelia Earhart” was a curious twist, and the fact that she’s somehow now an alien was something I didn’t see coming. How this all plays out is unclear though, but I’ll be patient…not with Gary though, he’s still an idiot.

Also, did anyone notice the pothole in Gary’s mission wanting to find the “most dangerous woman on the planet” and choosing Sara? The Legends have worked with Supergirl, Dreamer, Norah and Astra. And while Sara is epic and deadly…I wouldn’t call her the deadliest woman on the planet, just saying.

Finally, Behrad and Zari 2.0 having the spat over the Totem? …not my favorite. I wouldn’t trust Zari 2.0 with the Totem because she’s still incredibly selfish despite being a Legend. And Zari trying to make it about her instead of Behrad after the story he told was just cringe. Also, how did OG Zari split that totem? Exactly.

Still, flaws aside, “Meat The Legends” was a MUCH better entry that played into the series strengths and hopefully it’ll continue going forward.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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