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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Supergirl Season 02 Episode 06: Changing

November 15th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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Sorry about the lack of review for last weeks “Crossfire”, got busy again. I almost didn’t review this one, but I feel I have to…because it was really bad.

“Changing” had a good premise. It was the birth of Parasite and Guardian, and Alex got to come out to Kara. But…only one of these things were actually good. Want to make a guess as to which before I spoil it?

First, I appreciate the fact that Parasite hadn’t been on Earth for a while, thus making him a villain solely for Kara…but, his handling was very, very, odd. His entrance was great, as he infected the host…but then you had to wonder which one was in control at times. And because it didn’t seem to be Parasite, it came off as REALLY weird. I mean, a life draining parasite…cares about global warming? Really? The real Parasite only cares about power, and stealing it from others. That’s his schtick, and it works! But here? Going after people who “oppose” his global warming beliefs? Yeah…no.

Which also brings me to the pacing of some things. The guy is brought to the DEO after surviving a mass murder, is let go after a speech about his global warming work (you could’ve made a drinking game about how many times global warming was said in the episode), isn’t even guided out (isn’t it a secret building?), then the very same night…he’s fired by his boss? What?!?! Oh, and apparently, the man in question himself, who is apparently a blacklisted individual of sorts…because…I honestly don’t know why. It seemed like cannon fodder info meant to show why he was going on a rampage. He’s the Parasite! He doesn’t need a reason!!!!

I’ll give props, once Parasite mutated (for no real reason….) and became his comic like self, it was really cool. It was just sad the rest of the character sucked.

Speaking of which, Mon-El! Man, he is a yutz. Now yes, he’s meant to be that, and they even went into depth in previous episodes about how Daxam is a bunch of frat boys of sorts, and he plays that role well. But even with all that, it was hard to watch. The training sequence, and even the bar sequence (the first one), was great. But…then Kara tried to force him to be a hero…which she learned last week that she shouldn’t do…and then he took like the WORST job possible just for money…and I rolled my eyes like a thousand times. He honestly doesn’t need to be a hero, or a villain, he can just be Mon-El, but the show is focusing on the relationship between him and Kara (gee…I wonder why…) and thus he HAS to be a hero.

Oh! That brings us to Jimmy! Yes, I’m not a fan of him being Guardian, as it’s not even close to comic book lore. BUT, while the opening argument between him and Wynn was a bit painful to watch, it did work out by the end. I love how Wynn was not only Jimmy’s Felicity of sorts, he was his conscious. Because he KNEW the dangers of taking on another persona and what it does to people. Wynn sold the transformation, and when Guardian arrived? It was cool. Yes, I hope for a paint job to make it more comic accurate, but hey, even Wynn said it wasn’t fully done yet.


Finally…Alex. I have not been a fan of the Alex/Maggie Sawyer relationship since the beginning, and this episode seemed to prove why it was a bad idea from the start. I applaud the multi-step approach that they used with Alex coming out to Kara. It was great how she came out to Kara, and even Kara’s reaction. It shouldn’t be a simple thing, and it wasn’t, and I’m glad. Nothing is worse in a story than a forced confession of this magnitude. But…some of the beats just didn’t work. And OF COURSE…after all of that…Maggie wasn’t into Alex….REALLY?!??!?! Because even a kid could see the flirting Maggie was giving Alex for many episodes. So to have that happen, which cause the “I should never have done it!” reaction to basically end the episode, was just poor.

I had a lot of faith in Supergirl coming into this season, but just like Season 01, things are starting to go down. I’ll stick with it, I feel an obligation to. But if future episodes are like this? Yeah, I’m going to be out quick.



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