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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Supergirl Season 02 Episode 07: The Darkest Place

November 22nd, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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After a big clunker with “Changing” last week, i really wasn’t sure how well Supergirl would bounce back. Thankfully, “The Darkest Place” hit more than it missed.

I’ll keep this quick. The Cadmus arc came to full effect as Lillian Luthor lured Kara to her layer, used Mon-El to drain her powers, and even got a vile of her blood. It was all very efficient. Heck, even when Mon-El made an escape, they quickly thrawted it with a bait and switch.

Then, the REAL Hank Henshaw emerged and revealed he was not only alive…but now cyber, as in Cyborg Superman!…why exactly? Yeah, this was weird. They could’ve literally just kept him as Hank Henshaw and no one would’ve cared. But to call him Cyborg Superman? What the heck is that about? Also, Lillian luring Kara in the same way that Lex (Gene Hackman) did in the original movie, really? Enough with the callbacks.

Which of course brings us to Guardian, who’s story went utterly predictable and almost literally mimicked a Season 01 episode of Arrow! From him getting framed for murder, to having to find the copycat of sorts, it was basically the Dark Archer storyline, except it was a one-off villain. While I acknowledge the desire to keep Guardian relevant after his debut, to go this close to Arrow? Not cool.

Which brings us to Alex and Maggie! …I’d rather not. It was painful to watch.


Thankfully!!!! The best part of the episode was the J’onn/Megann storyline. As the former found out the laters secret. And even more than that, we got a Green Vs. White Martian fight! That was awesome! Oh, and as predicted by many, white martian and green martian blood doesn’t mix. J’onn is turning INTO a White Martian! Holy crap!

Oh, and and Dean Cain’s back! They made a Batman reference! And a Thanagar reference! It was LOT. Almost…to much. Honestly, they crammed a bit much into the episode, and it kind of suffered for it. Thankfully, with “Invasion” arriving next week, things will get a little more focused. Look, “The Darkest Place” was INFINITELY better than last episode, but it still had flaws. But, a good episode is nothing to frown at.

4 out of 5 nerds

4 out of 5 nerds

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