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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 11: Truth & Consequences

May 4th, 2022 by Todd Black Comments

This episode review is the first I’ve done since the cancelation of both Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman. While I may not have been the biggest fan of their over the last two seasons, them getting canceled, and especially canceled without getting final series to truly end their runs, is very heartbreaking as a fan. Hopefully something will change, but until then, all I can say in the words of Cisco Ramon is, “So long, and thanks for the fish.”

After arguably the best episode of the season last week, “Truth and Consequences” was one that had to follow-up on the momentum that was brought forth. And for the most part…it did. But typical of a CW drama, they went too far with the “emotional drama” in the worst way at times.

I do want to give them credit for the “time disparity” I noted last episode, as even Clark was surprised by how long he had been gone. They didn’t really explain it, but they acknowledged it, and that was enough for me. They also went straight to the point of the “Superboy” story with Bizarro Jonathan trying to get Earth-Prime Jonathan in order to merge and…well, we still don’t know what happens when they merge, but it’s no doubt bad.

Seeing Bizarro Jonathan work his evil plan was actually rather fun at times, from capturing Lana, to his brilliant plan to detain Superman, and more, they played this version really well and I do hope it’s not the end we see of him before being sent back to Bizarro World. As for the Earth-Prime Jonathan, he was…tricky, this episode. On one hand, using his “visions” to find his doppleganger was clever, but him and his incessant complaining about their secret was far too much at points.

Him bringing it up during the argument with his parents? Fair enough. But then bringing it up AFTER LANA HAD BEEN KIDNAPPED was too far. It made him look like he didn’t care about Lana at all and was more focused on the family secret than someone else’s life. This went double for Jordan at times. His scene with his mother about the letter was beautiful, as was when Jonathan read the letter and was moved by it.

But then, him trying to get Sara to read the letter AFTER HE KNEW WHAT HAPPENED WITH HER MOTHER was like, “Bro, really?” Time and place, man, time and place. And then the “maybe we weren’t that close to begin with” line was just…so bad. He of all people should know how far the family has gone for both him and each other. But because of what happened with Sara, he didn’t care. That’s just not right in any context. He did get a win though in his fun fight with Bizarro Jonathan, but he has some serious points to makeup.

Another touching moment I liked was the chat between Lois and Sara, these two don’t get a lot of scenes together, so having that one about “old loves” and such was great. And sadly, that was undermined by Jordan’s line of, “you shouldn’t have talked to her without asking me”. She’s your mother, and a human being, she can talk to whoever she wants if the situation presents itself! Then for Lois to apologize for that? Undermining Lois much?

Speaking of odd dynamics, John Henry and Nat. I swear Nat has “one mode” and this was on full display here. Her seeing the new threat as her planet reborn was fair if played the right now, but she overacted. Then, when her father asked her to trust him on something…she didn’t. At all, and immediately started plotting behind his back. Really? Oh, and still not happy about Steel getting whipped by a bad guy…again.

The Lana reveal was something a long time coming, and her reaction (in part at least, the other part comes next episode) was wonderful. Not everything in the buildup to it worked, but overall, it was wonderful, and I look forward to seeing what Lana does now that she knows.

I know I did a lot of bashing here, but that’s just because this episode honestly could’ve been as grand as last ones’ but was…hurt by overcomplicated drama that just didn’t need to be there. The more “light touch” moments really stood out though, and add a few fun fights and this was a good episode, so I hope the momentum continues to the end of the season.


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