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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Agents Of Shield Season 6 Finale

August 3rd, 2019 by Todd Black Comments




…….I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now, but it’s not pleasure!

I honestly had low expectations for Agents of Shield and its season finale. Sure, there were parts that I felt would shine, and then parts I knew would falter. But little did I expect it to be so…unsatisfying in terms of both the large and small bits.

I mean…where do I start? Ok, let’s start with Not-Coulson. Let me repeat that, NOT-COULSON!!!! Because after a whole season of people wondering if he was or wasn’t Coulson, and May pleading with Sarge to follow his heart…he stabs her, goes full villain, and then gets killed completely in a rather sad and worthless way. And we STILL don’t know exactly what him or Izel was!

But worst of all, what should’ve been a big “shock” of a moment became pointless when May was still alive enough (because of course the portal that sent her through delayed her death…) to kill a bunch of people and then help her last long enough to kill Izel. Oh, but May isn’t dead, she’s alive still. You’ll see why soon.

Honestly, it just felt like a waste, and there’s so many confusing elements that I still don’t understand. I get how Flint appeared, and why he appeared, but why isn’t he gone if the Monolith’s power has been put back into its rightful place? And will he just “live” with Mack and Yo-Yo now?

Also, if that was Sarge’s true form, what was Izel’s? And was there a connection between them and Ghost Rider like they teased? Who fired the missiles that destroyed the pyramid? Where is the doctor? And that’s just for the one storyline. I haven’t even touched the other.

The FitzSimons/Deke storyline was another case of not knowing where to draw the line with the comedy. Having Deke keep his startup alive while ACTUALLY BEING IN SHIELD? Clever. Fitz losing his mind about it. Clever. Continuing to harp on Fitz’s displeasure? Not so clever. Having Deke be a non-stop comedy machine and spouting out reasons why we should care about him (and still flirting with Daisy even though he’s with Snowflake…)…how about no?

In contrast, parts of what FitzSimmons did during the Chromicon invasion (which I had forgotten about entirely in terms of storyline before the episode started) was cool. Them trying to blow up the framework, and then not flinching when they were told to save everyone they had to “change the course of their history forever”, that was cool.

Not cool? Then literally rushing from one storyline to the other without any time to breathe or make it meaningful. Literally, we go from a “death” scene” to, “we need to time travel!” scene. really? You’re not even going to try and explain everything that just happened?

Which brings me to arguably my biggest problem with the episode. What were the stakes? Not the evil plan, that was clear, and it was actually done very well in terms of mythology and showing the importance of the monoliths even more. I mean, who died? No one but the bad guys!

May gets stabbed? Oh, Simmons brought her back to life. Yo-Yo has a shrike in her? They killed Izel and the Shrike melted away. FitzSimmons about to blow themselves up? Enoch was there to protect them the whole time! Coulson…well…he’s an LMD. Yeah, seriously, he’s an LMD, and they chose him because of his “historian” background.

Next Summer is the final season of Shield, and honestly…I hope it’s good. They need to end strong because the last two seasons (6 and 5) have either dragged heavily or just were pointless. I don’t want this show to go out on a sour note, so I hope it’s better than this season, because it needs to be.

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