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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 03 Episode 07: Killer Frost

November 23rd, 2016 by Todd Black Comments



Now THIS was a good episode. Flash has always been a show about characters, even moreso than Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow. And with “Killer Frost” we got to see these characters shines. Now true, not everything worked, but compared to the previous episodes, this was a home run.

Kevin Smith actually directed this episode, and it showed, as the action wasn’t the focus, but what was happening because of it. Even with the beginning, with Savitar showing how much of a “god” he was, it was more about the implication of what it meant than what it did. There’s another faster speedster out there, one only Barry can see (for now), and couldn’t be fazed by numerous attacks both normal and meta.

I really dug how Caitlin saving Barry was the final step in her transformation into Killer Frost. And yet, unlike the Earth-2 version, there was still conflict within. This was clear many times in the episode, and it all lead to that amazing standoff scene between Caitlin and Barry. What was also good was that once Frost was captured, she went on a verbal rampage barraging everyone about what Barry had done. This led to some great scenes with Cisco as well as Joe and Iris.

Now to be fair, not everything she said was true. It wasn’t Barry’s fault that Eddie or Ronnie died, so to say it was felt really weird. Also, her demanding Julian to make that algorithim…and then him being able to do it? That was oddly convenient.

However, the resolution with her getting back to her old self and saving Wally was good. I’m glad she’s not full Frost yet, and yet, that “prophecy” from the acolyte was very interesting.


I did like that Joe felt helpless in the face of Wally being in the cocoon. And how he had been neglecting his “gut” because of the science of the others. However, it felt a little forced that he ripped Wally from the cocoon. Yes, he’s afraid for his son, but he had no idea of what the cocoon was doing to him. He could’ve killed him. I wish they had waited another episode before releasing Wally, because it felt a little forced.

Which of course brings me to Julian. Who had both a very good and very bad twist. On one hand, it’s awesome that he’s Alchemy, something I predicted last week! On the other hand, his convoluted reasoning for forcing Barry to leave the CCPD made me cringe. This guy is a putz even without the Alchemy mask. And him being Alchemy doesn’t make it any more bearable.

Thankfully, the writers turned this into a much more fun aspect by playing it to Barry’s strength of hope and character. Yes, I expect him to return soon, but for now, let him be Barry.

“Killer Frost” was a great episode, and one that furthered the season’s goals in a big way. Again, not everything worked, but I’m more than happy with result.

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