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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 04 Episode 05: When Harry Met Harry

November 15th, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

While certainly a much lighter season, one of the newest additions to the cast in Ralph Dinby has still been more annoying that useful. And in “When Harry Met Harry”, that got called out. As Ralph got to be a hero for the first time, but his personality got in the way of doing what was right.

For in his mind, the only important thing was catching the bad guy, no matter what. While Barry knew there was more important things, like protecting the innocent. I’m happy that the writers went the full distance in showing the wrongness of Dinby’s thought process, to the extent that a little girl got hurt while Flash was down and Dinby was focused on catching the bad guys.

But…that doesn’t excuse how annoying and stupid he is at times. For example, all of a sudden he now has the ability to tell the measurements of girls…because of course, why not. Now yes, he did improve at the end, but I highly doubt he’ll maintain this “good guy” persona as it were.

A person that did show growth this week was Harry, who completed his “task” of getting friends…but finding other Multiverse versions of himself to talk to. It was a key point for the writers that we didn’t get another new Wells as a main character for the cast, and so doing this was a nice twist on what could’ve been. But naturally, the real fun here wasn’t just the dialogue, but the interaction between Harry and Cisco as their friendship grows. And hearing Cisco talk about how Harry hates himself (likely because of what happened with Jesse) and then him accepting it was a big step for the character.

Another interesting twist here was the villain in “Black Bison”. I liked how she had a very personal motive for doing things, and unlike Killg%re, was a more logical and deep-rooted reason for doing what she did. She hated that her tribe was being relegated to history, when they were still very much alive. Now, yes, she was still wrong, as killing people for good reasons is still bad, but you at least fell for her. The trap at the end featuring the bowl was the icing on the cake, as she really did care for her ancestry.

Speaking of ends, it was great to see that the team found out about Clifford Duvoe, aka The Thinker, and even found his house! This will no doubt create some very interesting storylines now that they know who he is, where he is, even though they don’t yet know what he is. Makes me curious as to where it’ll go.

In the end, “When Harry Met Harry” focused on two characters that needed to grow and did it in interesting ways. Some annoyances aside, Flash was back in good form this week.

4 out of 5 nerds

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