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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Gifted Season 2 Episode 15: Monsters

February 20th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

The last few minutes of “Monsters”, with the Struckers and the Mutant Underground reuniting, shows exactly why this show is so good. There was no dialogue once Andy and Lorna returned, and it was beautiful, because no words needed to be said at all. Andy and Lauren didn’t need to talk, just hug to show that they still cared. And John hugging Lorna was great because he showed that he still cared for her no matter what happened before. It was great! But, “Monsters” also showed the flaw of Season 2, too much buildup, no payoff outside of some key scenes.

We’re THIS CLOSE to seeing the rise of the Mutant homeland, and yet, all we’re still getting is vague promises and speeches and words about what’s coming. We know now that they needed the Morlock tunnels to get to Sentinel Services, and then take down the US government, but after that? It’s still really vague, and it’s kind of frustrating, because next week is the season finale! We should’ve seen the Mutant homeland by now in some form, but all we’ve had is words.

Thankfully, there were some great twists in the episode, like Reed cutting loose with his powers to kill the Purifier in an absolutely brutal way, and then using that to connect to Andy and show that they all have a darkness inside of them. Kate’s willingness to sacrifice herself for Lauren was also great, and I was really happy when Lauren’s powers kicked back in then.

John being a wreck for the whole episode was also solid, he broke, and they didn’t have him bounce back “because he was needed”, but instead allowed him to grieve in his own way. And…apparently…there’s a chance that Blink is still alive…how convenient.

I’m not sure I liked what happened with Jace though, because his doubting of what happened in the Morlock attack was great, but now, because his friend died, he’s full Purifier again. And that’s…ok? I guess? We’ll have to see how it  goes.

The strength of “Monsters” lied in its ability to deliver key scenes, but this plodding pace has hurt the season and with no certainty of a third season, there’s got to be an explosive ending for things to continue.

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